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Found 7 results

  1. Does anybody do power meter rentals in the ramdburg area? I can't afford to buy one but just need to rent/borrow one to do some dual recordings to verify my Kickr and numbers on Zwift. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, anybody have any experience with the Sigeyi AXO Power meters ? http://www.sigeyi.cn/en/col.jsp?id=113 Thanks
  3. The powermeters used by BORA-hansgrohe and Quick-Step Floors Pro Cycling Teams offer riders lightweight, reliable, and highly-accurate data. 4iiii Innovations Inc. is a Canadian-based global leader in providing innovative wearable technologies to OEM and retail markets. 4iiii brings an integrated portfolio of technology that raises the bar in sport monitoring, enabling athletes to perform smarter, faster and safer. Click here to view the article
  4. Cycling is a fairly unique sport due to the ability to be able to get a direct measure of workload. Power meters have been around for a few decades already and are able to measure your power output in real time during training and racing. Immediately after the power meters were first released to the consumer market, they were extremely expensive and heavy, use was limited to certain professional cycling teams and others that could afford them. Recent advances in technology have seen power meters become cheaper and as a result their popularity has increased among cyclists of all levels. In this article, we will provide some insight into how we use power meters with our athletes. Click here to view the article
  5. I am a software engineer by trade and there for take a very technical approach to most things in my life. I believe if you want to better yourself at something, cycling or loosing weight - what ever it is - you first need to be able to measure your current value before you can start working on it. So i have a Garmin Edge 500 with heart monitor and cadence sensor which has allowed me to train sufficiently so far but now i wish to start working on my power output which means i need a power meter. I have read about the different types of power meters - where they measure and that their results are not exactly the same due to power loss through the drive train ect... But from my perspective being able to measure a value is better than not being able to measure. I dont wish to break the bank, so what are my cheapest options? And what do i need to know?
  6. I'm looking into buying a power meter (again). I'm heavily leaning towards the PowerTap C1 power meter. I love that you can fit it onto your existing crank, and as far as I can tell, it's the cheapest crank spider power meter on the market today. But on the display unit side, the PowerTap Joule GPS+ does not impress me that much. The lack of a manual start stop function is a showstopper for me. I'm leaning towards getting a Garmin Edge 500 or Garmin Edge 510. How well does it work mixing different brands of power meter and display unit? In theory, it should just work as they both use Ant+, but how well does it work in practice. I am worried about hidden gotchas. Anyone have experience with doing this?
  7. I would like to hear what your opinions are regarding power meters for MTB - better on the bike or on an indoor trainer? I want to do the power training "thing" to see what all the hype is all about. I think it is all just phase that everyone is going through, I think next we will probably be using brain power meters to do training on I am thinking of buying a power meter, I like the Powertap MTB Hub. Is it really worth it? And how important is it to have the power meter during a race? Would it be ok to train with the wheel and when you do a race put on your racing wheels? I was just thinking because many people doing Cadence Cycling classes or use Watt Bikes but can't afford power meters for the bicycle, they can't see their power reading during a race. What other decent power meters really work for MTB?
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