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Found 20 results

  1. france acting as Jacob Moloi Email: jacobmoloi77@gmail.com Tel: 0717057597 Account J Holdings Delivery Address: No131 C/O Hunter & Bezuidenhout Bellevue East 2198
  2. This person calls himself “Christo van der Walt”. He is seemingly situated in Carnarvon (Northern Cape) and he sells a USWE hydration pack. He then request payment via e-Wallet and once done, he tells you he will send via Postnet. The biggest bunch of BS!! He uses the number 083 492 2675 and also make mention of a friend called Andre Joubert (063 468 6386). I also attach the ID photos he might send you to make it more “legit”. Please send him to a warm place if he contacts you, he is a piece of rubbish!!
  3. He tried to chisel a bike off me.
  4. Hi guys, Please watch out for a scammer pretending to be Dirk Du Preez. He is selling numerous things including Oakley helmets, Garmins etc. 071 092 6899 - is the number he’s Whatsapping from. He insists on Ewallet. He takes calls and sends voice notes and sends a photo of his ID card. He also comes up on Truecaller. He is very smooth and does research into his items and topics he sells online.
  5. *edit* change title from "possible" since he is a definite scammer. Name popped up on a Google search after suspicious whatsapp and request for details on the "bicycle"I was selling - couldn't tell me which one, since there are a few I have advertised. I think he got my details from Gumtree rather than here. Requested to communicate via email (barry4smith02@gmail.com) Any good ideas how to get this guy, since it seems I am not the first he is trying! emai: barry4smith02@gmail.com whatsapp: 0744300208
  6. Bicycle / Ebike suppliers / resellers beware. There is a well spoken guy by the name of "Rob Bell", if this is his real name, robbell954@gmail.com and contact number 0628065043 who is going around looking for high end bicycles and ebikes and will discuss specs, details and will say that he has been getting quotes elsewhere. He will then subsequently get in touch and request a pro-forma invoice and then send proof of payment. He will then give a long story about how the bike is being gifted to a professional rider who is going through cancer recovery and wants to get back into riding. The "professional rider" that he mentioned is the 702 radio presenter Xolani Gwala who has subsequently passed away in November. This is a sick bastard using people's details who have passed away for personal gain. Keep a close eye on the payments this festive season guys. Have a good one Gremeltech Ebikes Team.
  7. I use the BikeHub infrequently these days, so forgive me if I transgress some conventions... I recently had some dealings with "Arno" about a very specific wanted ad for a rare item I am looking for. Arno approached me via WhatsApp, saying he is responding to the ad, but without specific information. In response to asking what he has on offer he paraphrased the subject line of my ad. I asked for photos and an asking price in response to which he provided one grubby photo. (It was of a normal crankset, not a compact that I am looking for.) He did not give an asking price and asked me to make an offer. I said that it was not what I was looking for, but may be interested anyway if he can provide some clearer photos. The next day he sent some pictures of a compact crankset, and in response to asking for some further detail pictures I received no further response. I told him that I doubted that he actually has either of those items for sale, and asked for his Hub username. No response since. I think it is fair to conclude that "Arno" is a scammer: he had not used any of the opportunities to set the record straight (particularly being able to provide follow up pictures or providing a username). I did not find his name or number searching this forum, nor on the pop-up alert when posting a wanted ad (thanks for that, BTW) so therefore posting here.
  8. Received the below. Just FYI. Re: Response to your "Pyga OneTwenty 650" ad on Bike Hub Hello Friend, I am Mr Mark James from united kingdom,, i am interested in buying the item for my son that lives in France present and i want to use it as a surprise for him, so that I need to know about the item 1. I would like to know the current condition of the item .. 2.Is your item or you sell it for someone? 3.Total price you're willing to sell, I want the value in GBP or Euros 4. I will arrange shipment of the company will take the item from Your door step .. 5 item model name .. and year. .. I'm waiting to hear from you.
  9. Darius

    PayPal Scam

    Hi everyone Some person tried to scam me via PayPal to buy my bike I'm selling. Be careful! They probably got hold of me after seeing the add on Junkmail or something. If you are selling something and using PayPal. You have to arrange the shipping or you will not be eligible for seller protection. The person has multiple Gmail accounts and uses this IP: It is a mail server in Hawaii. Its supposedly been used for other types of scams as well. Read and understand your PayPal account terms and conditions or you could get scammed. Regards
  10. I just want to alert fellow hubbers of this scammer. His mode of operation is classic scammer. He contacted me on Tuesday evening to buy my bicycle listed in the classifieds. On Wednesday he phoned me, and without seeing the bike or really asking anything about the condition he asked for banking details. A few hours later I got an SMS stating that the amount has been paid over, but obviously there was nothing in my account. He phoned me again and said that the money will take 24 hours to clear even though it is from ABSA to ABSA, because it was paid from a corporate account, but he wants the bike immediately. I refused and told him he can wait until the money clears. Yesterday I received another alert from the bank stating he made a cheque deposit into my account, which obviously is lying there uncleared. I received another phone call and he said that he want to come and fetch the bike. When I told him that I work at ABSA head office and that I know exactly what he is busy with, he put the phone down immediately and I haven't heard a word from him again. Be careful on the classifieds guys!!!
  11. Hi Guys Just to give you a heads up on a scam. I've been looking for my first bike for a while and found one on OLX - https://www.olx.co.za/ad/mountain-bike-for-sale-nukeproof-ID16dQt1.html#794a40b7e4 . Upon doing research on the type of bike it is, the deal seemed too good to be true. I called the buyer, and he sounded legit (he "owns a shop" called Aphis Bikes). He sent me an email with a link to his website - http://aphiprojectholding.wixsite.com/aphibikes/shop . The shop is apparently located at: MELVILLE'S CORNER SHOPPING CENTRE PLATTENBERG BAY WESTERN CAPE I have just phoned the centre's management and they confirmed there's no bike shop there. I've done google reverse image searches and see that he used images from other sites to create the fake website. If you check out the rest of the bikes on the website, you can see it's an obvious scam. I hope this post helps someone, especially newbies like me that don't really know the costs of bikes.
  12. Hi Guys I recently bought a set of wheels from a guy who advertised them on the HUB. Not being a professional wheel builder I tried to asses the wheels for anything strange on them after I met the seller with the wheels. After some inspection I noticed a small dent on the rear wheel, I made it clear to the seller and he looked me in the eye saying that it has no effect on the wheel or the tubeless ability of it. Taking his word for it (*stupid of me I know*) I bought the wheels and fitted them to my bike, not long into my 1st ride I noticed a bump coming from the back, I then went off the trail and onto some smooth tar road, here the bump was very noticeable. After have the back wheel assessed by two LBS's in my area, It comes down to a bust rear wheel due to a massive flat-spot on it. The seller however refuses to accept that he sold me a busted wheel-set, and refund me or replace the rear wheel. And says I can take him to court if I want my money back. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  13. https://www.olx.co.za/ads/user/6RXTK/ Look at this
  14. I have a valid Wild Card, purchased mostly so that I can ride my road bike in Cape Point reserve, which is reasonably close to my house. On the SAN Parks and Wild Card websites, there is mention of activity charges for MTB (as most of us are aware), but *nothing about road biking*. Every reference to any kind of cycling activity to be charged for, (understandably, given trail maintenance costs and perhaps also security issues) is phrased as 'mountain biking'. Today I discovered that road biking is also somehow an 'activity'. Despite being in possession of a valid Wild Card, which allows me free entry into the reserve in a car, if you come on a bike, you also need to pay *R125* for the day, even if it's no more than your chosen mode of transportation, and will not be ridden on any trails. I'm happy to pay for an activity, if that activity requires some kind of expenditure by SAN Parks - ie. trail maintenance. However, as the rider of a 7kg bicycle on a tar road, in my view I should actually pay less than a car, which actually has financial overhead in terms of road maintenance. In short, it's a huge rip off - feels like we are being punished for using bikes instead of cars, and the roads are in poor condition anyway, despite Cape Point being a huge money-spinner for SAN Parks which bankrolls a large proportion of their organisation.
  15. On Thu, 3 Sep at 10:29 AM ,Had a black guy called Jacob call me wanting to buy my Santa Cruz nomad,wanting to pay before looking and collect later. As soon as I said no he put the phone down. He called from this no 071 705 5797.
  16. Buddy of mine in Cape Town is looking for someone to check out an item ,the wahoo kicker, in Kimberly. so i ask a friend of mine to check it out before he buys it. address is given and my buddy in Kimberly walks up and down George street in Kimberly unable to find the "handling company " where the item is apparently located. so my buddy in CT calls the seller up and says we cant find the place , suddenly the item is now sold. two days later the ad pops up again by the same person. today i find the add again on gumtree. this time in Cape town http://pretoria.olx.co.za/wahoo-kickr-for-sale-iid-826056409 http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/gardens/wahoo-kickr-for-sale/1001396953200910765073009 not saying this is definitely a scam but something is abit fishy. hope all take correct precautions.
  17. I just came across this website( from a Facebook ad ) and I think it's absolutely brilliant. It might just help Hubbers buy or sell goods with more confidence. Have a look, it could be the way forward. It's powered by Standard Bank. https://www.paywithshepherd.com
  18. Hi Guys, I am new to The Hub and have recently posted my BMC Fourstroke for sale on here (https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/115593-bmc-fourstroke-fs02-xtslx-2012/), Gumtree and OLX. I received a call yesterday from a gentleman by the name of Nelson Luthuli. He showed immediate interest (almost a bit too keen in my opinion). Stated he would match the pending offer on the bike was sending his friend Prince round that afternoon because he was situated in Vredendal. I met up with Prince outside my offices at the Waterfront and he checked out the bike and gave Nelson the go ahead. I waited at least 15 minutes before I finally got an SMS notification for a CHEQUE DEPOSIT from an ATM in Mowbray. This was followed up by another SMS from my bank informing me that that the value of any cheque's deposited would only be available once cleared. Fortunately I have experience in the financial services industry so I was not prepared to hand over the bike even though the amount was reflecting on my statement. After querying Nelson on the phone he tried to start making up stories about his branch being in Mowbray and that he made the payment in Vredendal which was a blatant lie. I ended up sending the chap packing telling him that we would have to wait until the cheque cleared. Came as no surprise that I got a call from my bank this morning informing me that the cheque had rejected. Please watch out for these guys - I have provided details below: "Nelson Luthuli" - 083 670 5715 (nelsluth@gmail.com) "Prince" - 073 925 6139
  19. What's the procedure when you uncover/see someone trying to pull a scam on Gumtree? I haven't fallen victim, but it's pretty obvious what's the guy/girl is trying to pull. We're also talking about a significant amount of money for a top-end bike. My concern is that someone less knowledgeable about bikes could fall for this. I don't really want to give details/links here because I'm pretty sure the scammers keep an eye on TheHub, but if you're really interested (or know who to contact in a case like this) send me a PM.
  20. So I thought Id start a thread to help other hubbers especially the newbies looking for their first bike, browsing through the classifieds only to be dooped by a scammer! I remember hunting for my first bike, not knowing what the hell I was looking at, fortunately the seller that I eventually bought the bike from was a genuine guy and very informative. So the idea here is, if you spot a scam, post it here, put a link on the add to this thread so in would be buyer can be deterred, hopefully this will help chase these scammers away from our hub.
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