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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, I bought a used Giant TCR0 and there are scratch marks on the carbon seatpost. It looks like it could have been caused from the seatpost slipping down. I know this can be quite common but i wanted to find out if there is any way to fix these scratches? I have tried rubbing with toothpaste but that hardly made a difference.
  2. Dropper posts have fast become an expected feature on any decent trail bike and increasingly seen on marathon and cross country offerings. With the rise in popularity comes an influx of feedback on the variety of options available. Amongst the many satisfied dropper owners we see a littering of complaints about the high costs of market leaders and the inferiority of many of the low cost contenders. Click here to view the article
  3. I have an old Scott Scale (a good 5 years old) which has been my trusty steed for many training rides. It's carbon and I have an alloy (Momsen) seatpost, 31.6mm, which I have not touched for years as the fit is just right. The seatpost is properly stuck. Yes, I know... "Bike Whisperer" my a#%e. Bring me any mechanical issue and I'll solve it... stuck XT brake lever, seized cassette, any bearing niggle, exploded shifter and I'm all over it like a rash. But this baby, besides cutting it out, is causing me some serious therapy bills. Any one out there who managed to separate a PROPERLY seized alu post from a carbon frame without using the angle grinder? I have tried Q20, an assortment of lubes and greases (industrial and domestic), heat to expand the seat tube, ice to shrink the seatpost, hammers and mallets, an industrial size vice, obscene amounts of foul language, patience and prayer (I'm not even religious), but nothing seems to weaken the molecular bond that has seemingly welded the two together. I recently heard a soaking in Coke may do the trick so will try that this weekend, but am a little worried it may dissolve the entire frame if one believes the experts who claim our internals are being dissolved by this chemical weapon. Any advice, useful or entertaining will be considered.
  4. Hi all, So I've decided to get a new seat post and be a weight weenie about it What are some of the lightest seatposts out there that won't break the bank? Could be carbon or alloy... Then has anyone have any feedback on this salt carbon seatpost? Advertised on CWC for R 999 and it weighs (apparently) 100g? https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/salt-mtb-carbon-seatpost Thanks for any suggestions in advance
  5. Hi all I am thinking of putting a dropper seatpost on my 29er Alu hardtail. So I have been eyeing the Lynne 31.6mm 120mm dropper, and the Giant 125mm dropper for which I'll need a 30.9mm-31.6mm shim which seems hard to find. They are similarly priced at around 2.2k. There is also the Forca SPS-400 on special for around 2k but it seems to have a rougher spring mechanism. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? and if so which of these is a better move?
  6. Hallo I own a Scott hardtail and my back hurts when I ride on corrugated roads or long rocky sections. Someone said that a carbon seatpost would help a lot with this pain. My question to you is, what post would you recommend and what are the main things to look for in a post (e.g. Post flex or offset)
  7. So I was cruising through sea point this morning, hit a bump and thought a riding mate let one rip. Only then realised my seat was a little wobbly. Snapped above the clamp, had carbon paste on shaft, torqued to correct torque. There is an inherent problem with the seat post as the lacquer chips off and then becomes too skinny and then slides down the whole time, in the process rubbing away some carbon. Seat post has done 25 000km.
  8. The all-new Transfer seatpost features an infinitely adjustable design with the choice of internal or external cable routing, three drop options, and two lever designs. Low lever force and great modulation make it easy to regulate return speed and small height adjustments. Click here to view the article
  9. Hello, I am wondering on getting a dropper post for my Swift Dvore hardtail. Is it worth getting one just to descent a bit easier or won't it improve riding that much? My bikes seatpost size is 27.2mm diameter. Do you get post that will fit it? Thanks.
  10. Hi guys So, I was dismantling my bike to pack it and take it along to the seaside, and I realised my SBC seatpost is a little bent. I can think of quite a number of crashes that might have done it, but more likely it is my fat ass that caused it, because the seatpost is set to the maximum height it can go. So, do I: 1. Leave it (my wife will approve) 2. Replace it with a 450mm one 3. Replace it with something made from another material (no idea what the SBC one is made of, also no idea what options there are??).
  11. Hello everyone, i'm going to build my new frame in the next month. I have 16k and was thinking to get Shimano 105 group set and Campognolo scirocco wheel set. I do not have a idea on the handlebars, stem, seat post and saddle to put on. I have a swift attack frame. Any suggestions to what to put on with my budget and any good cycle shops in cape town where I can get components for reasonable prices?
  12. Hi, I have a Giant talon with a 30.9 mm seatpost. I have a Thudbuster with a 25.4 mm seatpost. Does anyone know if someone in South Africa stocks shims, preferably a 25.4 to 30.9 mm shim. Something like this is perfect , but shipping from the US is another R500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bike-Seatpost-Shim-5-5mm-shim-25-4mm-seatpost-to-30-9mm-100mm-Length-/380935577070?hash=item58b1879dee Thanks
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