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Found 19 results

  1. I'm keen to ride the 947 this year with my better half on a tandem. Does anyone know where I could rent one, or if anyone is willing, let me borrow one? (We both ride medium size.) Cheers
  2. Am I looking in all the wrong places, or are there only 3 options for buying a new tandem? Option 1: Canondale Tandem (R45k+) Option 2: Avalanche ENVI 29er (R13.5k), Option 3: Raleigh Duo (surprisingly, only listed on Makro's site R29k - No bicycle shops have actually mentioned it to me) Where are the rest of the options? Surely the market is big enough for more than 3 brands to compete?
  3. Hi guys. Has anyone got any suggestions on a roof rack carrier for a tandem? I know Thule make one but it is prohibitively expensive, R8k to R10K. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be welcome. Matt
  4. Hi, looking to convert our Avalanche tandem envy 29inch currently with 42, 32, 24 setup to road bike blades - 52, etc. 170mm crank. Two cycle shops in cape town told me they cannot assist after trying to source parts. Problems encountered so far: Chainrings cannot be replaced individually , need to replace entire crank on the one side of tandem. Found a replacement with 170mm but the actual square hole through crank sits square with crank, not positioned as newer cranks.(corner of square hole in line with the crank) if this one is fitted the crank on the other side (32tooth crank) will sit at incorrect angle with other side. So next step is to replace that side of the crank as well, but no one can find stock. Two years ago there was a forum regarding this exact conversion. Anybody with knowledge on this? Apologies, my use of words for cycling parts are probably incorrect but hope it makes sense. Thanks
  5. I know it is late in the day, but it doesn’t hurt to try! My husband and I are looking to rent a Cannondale Road Tandem s/m road bike to use for the Argus (Cape Town Cycle Tour). We train at home (Namibia) on a 29’er Cannondale MTB but want to avoid traveling with the bike. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Want to buy a Mountain Bike Tandem for myself (186cm, 90kg) and my daughter (150cm, 50kg). I am a complete novice and we mainly want to cycle socially, definitely not to win races! Will predominantly cycle on gravel roads and in town. We are staying in Swakopmund, Namibia, lovely area for mountain biking, but tandems are very scarce, therefore no real opportunity to try out different ones. I am quite interested in the Avalanche Envi 29MTB Tandem - any comments on this specific bike?
  7. Hi all, I'm sure it's been asked before but: Does anyone know where I can borrow or hire a tandem for 97,4? Really don't want to buy one for one race but me and my partner would love to have the experience of doing the race on a tandem! Any advice or a hubber willing to rent out their beloved 4 pedal, would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi guys / gals, our charity is taking some rural kids to do the Cape Town Cycle Tour and need a tandem urgently. We will pay a hiring fee if it is not too high. We appreciate it if someone can help us make these childrens' dreams come true. An adult will cycle with the child. Please contact me urgently if you can help us out. deon@vuselela.org or 0817311065
  9. So tried to find some places that rents out tandems for a day or two, the one charges R600 per day. Just curious is this the going rate or do anyone else know of a places in Cape Town area that I could call / contact. Want to try the tandem thing out before dropping the cash on a tandem bike
  10. Hi Hubbers We received this question over email. Anyone got some info on these bikes? Thanks
  11. I would just like to find out the general feeling of the racing tandems who is doing the Argus, I would like to split my question into 2 parts. 1.) We normally ride racing tandems with the Argus, seeded in # and did just over 3 hours with 3 minutes or so and under the top 20 tandems overall. Now we have been seeded in 1C but some of our tandem friends who is behind us with 4 minutes on the previous Argus and 10+ minutes on the 94.7 has been seeded in #, yes, some of them has been seeded in 1F, 1G etc as well but they only used our 94.7 seeding. Our seeding index is 15. Mark my words what is going to happen this year, the Elite tandems(the elite women and men who decided to ride tandem this year and yes, there are a lot of them who is SA, World champs, Elites etc this year as well as your Andrew Mcleans etc) will break at latest at Smithswinkel and will ride around 7-10 minutes out of the rest of the # tandems, 80% of the remainder of the "racing" tandems will remain together most of the race but according to the seeding the tandems in 1C-1F will have much more risk to crash and most certainly will and if we're lucky to survive, those tandems will have a better time than 50% of the # tandems. But the risk is not worth it to us. In an ideal world they should have Elite, (Old school)Racing and social tandems.Those tandem who then decide to fall back to single groups at their own perusal is then more than welcome to do so. How did they think this through? 2.) Argus tandem safety with single bikes. A tandem takes twice the distance to stop than a single bike(double the weight and more or less the same contact area to the tar as a single bike), the apex around corners especially down Chapman's peak is way different and it handles/maneuver much different as well. After Smiths winkel if a single bike would go down at 50,60,70kmh there is no way that a tandem will be able to stop in time, it also takes much more effort & time to swerve out. The captain will normally be okay after an accident on a tandem but I know of various stokers that must first fall on and over the front part of the tandem before even hitting the ground, here I'm talking about coma's, a lot of broken bones, serious hospital situations. I've seen it before and if the good tandems start with single bikes there is a very real & serious danger to it. Hence the reason so many tandem entries becoming available now.Will the organizers first have to see tandem riders to get hurt before changing it back to the racing tandem and social tandem groups which worked well in the past for so many years? It's just crazy and clearly the organizers have never ridden a tandem before.
  12. Hi all, My sister has been suggesting the idea of a tandem road bike for a while (mostly because she's hoping to sit back and do nothing I think ) I've decided to start thinking a bit more on the idea. At this point, the budget is zero since I am not too serious about it. Is there somewhere that one can rent/test ride a tandem for a couple days to see if this is something you really want to do? I wouldn't want to shell out on a bike only to find out we hate it. Assuming it is something we want to pursue, is there anything specific to a tandem you should be looking out for?
  13. Hi I am looking to hire a tandem bike for a couple of weeks to see if this is something I would enjoy. Please let me know if anyone would be interested in hiring or know where I can hire? Thanks
  14. Hey all. My youngest decided he wants to do the Mass this evening and i'm running around like a headless chicken. Anyone know of someone i can rent a half bike from for the evening?
  15. Could I please get some experiences here from some people who have actually ridden a tandem before. I'm considering getting one so that the Mrs and I can go ride together. I feel that as I'm a stronger rider it would be more advantageous to ride a tandem as currently she "does not want to ride with me as I'm much stronger and she will just frustrate me" I have heard it is a make or break experience? Thanks
  16. I'm looking for a road tandem that can accommodate my (tall) self (2.05m) and my 10 year old daughter. Any advice or help gladly received. Treeman
  17. So just in time for Friday... This morning heading to work from Dunkeld to Bryanston on Willam Nicol, I notice all the roadies out doing their morning ride. At many of the red robots I see many of them either do slow-n-go (slow down slightly, quickly check the intersection, then sprint across), or just a plain out sailing through without a care in the world. But this thread isn't about that. We've had many before about the red light lemmings. THIS thread is particularly about the couple on the TANDEM I saw going through the red lights (mostly using the slow-n-go) method. Wipe yourself out on your own bike... fine (not actually fine, you get what I'm saying though), but dragging someone (probably your wife/girfriend) along for the ride?! Not cool. Here are some major flaws I see with a tandem trying this already foolish practice... Bigger target! You're bigger than a bike. In fact side-on a tandem is nearly the same size as a small hatch. I wouldn't dare skip red lights in a polo.Braking. You can't brake as well as a normal bike. So if a car does enter that intersection that you deemed safe in your 1/2 sec expert assesment... you're pretty much commited to ride it out.Acceleration. During your slow-n-go crossing method, if you need to suddenly speed up to clear the intersection, once again, you won't be able to do so as well as a normal bike.Assisted Suicide... and finally, my biggest issue is that you (the conductor) are taking a passenger on this runaway train to potential disaster. Whether the stoker is running reds against their will or not, it's up to the frontman to think of the safety of both riders.So fire-away-friday! http://oi39.tinypic.com/3130ht4.jpg
  18. Image credit: Anthony Grote - Gameplan Media The idea of introducing tandems to the race has added a slight spice to the event and gives the organisers the opportunity to advertise the event as a fun race and not just as a UCI World Cycling Tour Final qualifier, which is something that Mr. Price Sport Cycle Club Chairman of KZN Kelvin du Sart mentions will increase interest in the race. “I think it is great that the organisers have allowed tandems into the race this year,” du Sart said. “They add a lot of character to an event and last year at the SA Champs we had tandems and they do not influence the rest of the event. “Tandems also add to the speed of a race depending on conditions because they can be really quick on a flat course but the only downside is they a bit sluggish on a hilly course. But that is the only downside and if there not many then they won’t influence the race at all,” he explained. The introduction of the tandems is something that could boost the profile of the race and could draw in more riders that would not have considered taking part in the race initially. Although there might not be many in the race, having them there adds to the fun element of the event. “I am not sure how many bikes there will be at the race but tandem riding is really popular throughout the country with huge numbers turning up for the major races like the Argus and the 94.7. “There are a lot of local tandems so we could be surprised by the amount entered and they can only help the race,” added du Sart. The popularity of tandem racing is shown at the major cycle races in the country where there are a number of batches of tandems and the racing is taken very seriously in both the open and the mixed sections. “Open tandems are just men whereas mixed is a man and a woman and it is serious stuff! “At the Argus, for example, the first batch is the top 100 seeded tandems and then there are another couple of batches after that for the next best open, mixed and then the social batch. So tandem riding is taken pretty seriously and is a lot more popular than people think,” du Sart explained. The main draw for tandem bikes, according to Du Sart, is the fact that the 94.7 is after the Msunduzi Road Challenge and getting down to Pietermaritzburg and riding will be the ideal way to prepare for one of the biggest road classics in the country. “Having these bikes will be great for the race and it will also be great for the riders because it will offer them the perfect opportunity to train before the 94.7 as well as for the OFM Classic in Bloemfontein,” he added. Race organiser Alec Lenferna has embraced the idea of having the tandem bikes in the race but the rules are laid down fairly strictly in order to prevent any confusion amongst the riders. The major proviso is the fact that tandems cannot qualify for the UWCT Final and this is strictly a ‘fun ride’ for the tandem bikes. Along with this, there is not going to be an official tandem category which means that there will not be an official tandem result. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge takes place on 26 and 27 October 2013, based in Noodsburg outside Pietermaritzburg. More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za
  19. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge will be introducing tandem bicycles for the first time after the organisers were asked about the possibility of having the two-person bicycles in the race and it has been suggested that tandem riders use this race as an opportunity to prepare for the big road classics coming up around the country in the few weeks after the race. Click here to view the article
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