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Found 8 results

  1. Wahoo, the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices, is excited to reveal the newest KICKR smart trainer. The fifth-generation KICKR improves on the legendary realistic ride feel that Wahoo riders prize, and also offers riders a wide range of improvements to elevate every ride. Click here to view the article
  2. I have a power question to the Snap2. I am using a Quarq Dzero powermeter on my Race MTB. First rides on the Snap felt really heavy on my (powermeterless) trainerbike. I barely managed to push 70% of my normal power. Then I strapped on my Race bike with the Quarq. DCR compared the power readings of various trainers including the Snap and came to reasonably close readings. That is what I wanted to see too. But when measured against each other the Snap power was up to 80W less than on the Quarq (depending on cadence). The drivetrain is ok and maybe could cause a 3-4% loss but not that much. In order rule out user error I went on and did some investigation. But I am stuck at a dead end. Wahoo or Zwift Spindowns do not seem to make a difference. Using a road tyre at 110psi and 2 turns knob pressure produces a 29s spindown with the Wahoo app. A bit long if one believes the internet forum chats where 9-15s is said to be a good range. The advanced spindown (hidden in Wahoo app) reduces the spindown time notably on the second run but this does not seem to stick. Once the advanced spindown is completed and clicked away it is back to 29s. Racing in Zwift with a power much lower than in real life is not much fun. The only solution that produced a reliable eRacing setup was to use powermatch in Zwift using the Quarq. But that defeats the goal of not using my racebike with the Quarq PM on the trainer. So question: What am I still missing? What is your average spindown time on your Snap? I would like to see the trainer power reliably within 5% of the Quarq power. Any tips are welcome.
  3. Hi guys and gals. Has anyone experience an issue with Zwift + Kickr where the Bluetooth connection drops intermittently for a split second dropping your power to 0, then it spikes back up to where you were? I'm fairly clued up re: laptops and I'm wondering if the issue isn't just my laptop as it was perfect before I had upgraded it. I've also recently added a wifi extender into my training room, so just wondering if anyone has had this and factors played a part? Cheers.
  4. Just a quick shout out to everyone involved... Rundown of events... Asked around the forum about Wahoo Kickr availability last night, awesme gave me the contact details of the distributors. 10:20 this morning emailed Christian and Sean at iKhambi. 10:54 I receive a very nice and detailed reply from Ryan Kemp from iKhambi. 11:05 Phoned Freewheel Cycology in Kenilworth. Lionel busy with a client at the time. 11:38 Lionel returned my call, assisted and confirmed stock. 13:01 I am a proud owner of a Wahoo Kickr, 12x142 conversion kit as well as my ANT+ dongle. Thanks a million guys, let the fun (pain) begin!
  5. Beyond 2000 was a documentary TV Show that aired from 1985 to 1999 and featured technological innovations that were meant to improve our lives and be widely available to the mass market soon after the year 2000. Most inventions and ideas were outstanding and, for the time it was aired, quite out there. Flying cars, jetpacks as daily transport - next level stuff. Click here to view the article
  6. Hi Guys I'm in the market for an indoor trainer. Looking for something to pass the winter months with and something which has the ability to download rides and follow them on a monitor. Been searching online and the Wahoo Kickr seems to be one of the best recommended. Any experience with this one or other recommendations?
  7. The Wahoo Kickr is a wireless ANT+/Bluetooth 4.0 power trainer with a built-in power meter that allows you to accurately measure and control your efforts. You can connect the trainer to a variety of apps, including Wahoo's own, or programs that control the resistance in real-time to follow along with a specific workout or a video course. Click here to view the article
  8. Nahtan

    Wahoo Kickr

    Hi guys I am looking at getting an indoor trainer that can fit my MTB. I like the idea of removing the back wheels and connecting directly onto the system. I also want to have the ability to connect to the web and do virtual racing, sufferfest etc. I have looked online and the Wahoo Kickr looks like a good option because it does all of the above and also has a 142x12 adaptor for my MTB. Does anyone know where I can get one from and any advice is greatly appreciated? cheers
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