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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Advice please. Anyone know who can help service my Tacx smart trainer. No help from Garmin SA. Thanks Dean
  2. Hi guys, I am looking to get myself set up for Zwift as I see my workload increasing the next couple of months and not really keen on being outside late at night when streets are deserted. I run about 4 times a week and mountain bike whenever I can. I was looking at getting a smart treadmill such as the Everlast Trail but it will take up quite a bit of space and not really sure how Zwift run compares to the cycling and if it will be worth it. Am I better off getting an entry-level smart trainer for my mountain bike instead, such as the Tacx Satori? I hear another problem is that mtb tyres get destroyed quite quickly, will I need extra wheels? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I have a Silverback Sola 4 mountain bike. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys I need some help. Iv got a second hand Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer. Problem is I cant seem to get it setup with my bike. My bike is a large frame 29" Silverback hardtail mountain bike. I have set the mag roller to its lowest point however the quick release of the trainer and the skewer of my bike dont line up. My bike is about 20mm too high. My I convert to a smaller tyre? Can I put my wifes 26" tyre on my bike for use on the trainer? Should I rather buy a cheap roadbike and keep in on the trainer? Or am I doing something stupid?
  4. Hey ya'll!!! I'm looking for an easy to use , straight forward "plug and play" indoor trainer....just something to keep the legs moving. I have a MTB with 1 x 12 Eagle setup so something that will work with my bike. I assume I will need something that is compatible with Thru-Axle?? Your help and advice will be appreciated.
  5. shaper

    Kickr Core

    Just released at Eurobike, will be priced to compete with Tacx Flux, the Kickr Core
  6. Does anyone know where I can find Tacx Flux accessories in SA? Been scouring the internet for a 142 x 12 thru axle adapter, part number T2835 but can only find it on websites abroad, shown in attached picture.
  7. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a trainer from them but I am a little wary and was hoping someone else has used them recently. It's a lot of money so I just want to make sure. Their products are very well priced, the trainer I'm looking at is at least R2k cheaper than anyone else in SA. Thanks Feister www.bike-discount.de
  8. Please join me this evening (3 April) at 18h00 for a virtual race on your Tacx trainer. I will be the Lobby Leader, and my Tacx user name is ....erm, ..Harry. The race will be called "The Hubsa race to Roodepoort" The route starts in the North Eastern suburb of Sandringham, and finishes in Discovery Roodepoort. It is 25km and has 382 m ascent. If the time does not suit, we can always change it to make it later in the evening. Please advise if you will be able to take part - and if so, please give your Tacx user name. If there is a nice response and we have fun, i hope to make this a regular event - heck we can do it every night!
  9. Guys I need some advice please. I got an almost new Tacx Bushido trainer for a very good price. I checked the specs on the Tacx website, and they confirmed that a 29" wheel will fit. I assembled the unit today but my MTB doesn't fit. On the unit they mention max outside wheel circumference is 710mm. Do I need to get a Tacx trainer tyre? Will this solve my problem? There is a 29" Tacx tyre availble on the CWC website. I really regret ever opening the "Show you winter pain cave" thread!
  10. Hi, Recently bought a whisper drive and need some advice. The box says free: iOS app Speed sensor, cadence sensor Firstly when downloading from the app it takes forever, is there a shorter way Secondly I don't see these free sensors. I can't seem to pair it with my phone or iPad Anybody with same trainer that can assist? Thx
  11. HI to all , I've had my Jetblack M1 trainer for a year now , but lately with an FTP of close to 300w I feel it doesn't provide enough resistance. I am looking at upgrading to a trainer with a exponential power curve and 400w resistance at 40km/h in the 2000-3000ZAR price range second hand. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  12. Using the Wahoo KICKR reminded me of Beyond 2000 and made me realize just how far technology has come to be able to ride on an indoor trainer, controlled by my cellphone using an online training program loaded with algorithms that not so long ago were spared for the very clever. Specifications Wireless Technology: ANT+ & Bluetooth 4.0 Devices: iOS / Android / PC (Mac and Windows) Resistance Type: Electromagnetic Accuracy: + / - 3% Wireless Software Updates: Yes 3rd Party Power Meter Support: Yes Metrics: Speed / Distance / Power / Cadence Flywheel Weight: 12.5 lbs Inertia (indexed to 100): 175 Max Wattage (@ 20 mph): 1550 W Max Incline (75 kg rider @10 mph): 15.0" Initial Impressions "It's not light." Weighing in at just under 21kg, it sure is a solid piece of tech. This will only be an issue issue if you travel with your IDT or move it around quite a bit. For most, it won't be an issue as it will most likely have a permanent spot somewhere in your house where you train. The plus side of the extra weight is it feels very solid. At no time did I feel like it wouldn't hold up to years and years of abuse.Design and fit is well thought out adding to it's ease of use. Swapping out bikes takes a minute or two, provided you can use the same cassette on both. Mounting a bike The Wahoo KICKR can accommodate just about any bike with 24", 650c, 700c, 26", 27.5", 29" wheel sizes are all catered for. 130mm, 135mm, 142 (with adapter) axle widths and 8,9,10 and 11 speed road ensures your investment in bike and trainer will not cause headaches down the line. Making the required adjustments is a quick and easy task and will you see you up and running in no time. The trainer needs an external device to control it and an electrical power source, although it can be pedaled if you'd really like or need to when power isn't an option. When you mount a bike for the first time, and every so often, you need to perform a spin-down test to recalibrate. Accessories Wahoo has a full range of accessories available to use with the KICKR or any other compatible devices. For the review, I chose to keep things simple and only used their RFLKT+ bike computer and TICKR X workout tracker / heart rate monitor. Wahoo TICKR X The TICKR X offers advanced motion analytics like cycling cadence and also includes memory for all the workouts that don’t allow you to keep a smartphone on hand. It works seamlessly with over 50 iPhone and Android Apps including Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyfitness, and Runmeter. Sharing and uploading your data is easy. Either email it to yourself or upload it to any of your favourite training platforms. I will be doing a separate review on the TICKR X, as it justifies it's own time in the spotlight. Wahoo RFLKT+ The app powered Wahoo RFLKT bike computer lets you control cycling app data from your handlebars and display in real-time. With the customizable screen, you can view speed, distance, time, heart rate, and more. After your ride, you are able to save and share your results with friends or a coach. I used it with both Wahoo's and Today's Plan's APPS and didn't experience any issues. Make a setup change on your phone or edit the page view and it immediately updates the display on the RFLKT+. The biggest advantage here is that you don't have to mount your phone on the bike and, should you use a tablet or laptop for your training, there's no need to have it around or even within sight. It also works for rides where you'd like to keep your phone out of site or harm's way, but still need to see the vitals of your ride. I used two different screens when on the trainer and when out on the tar. Just some of the apps that are Wahoo Kickr compatible. On the Trainer The KICKR can be controlled by a variety of external sources - iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and most Android devices (running 4.3 or newer).We tested the KICKR with Bluetooth on a range of Apple as well as Android devices and with ANT+ on laptops with an ANT+ USB stick. On all of them connecting the device to the trainer was easy and took very little time. The connection was never dropped, readouts and any changes made were almost immediate with the only exception being when making a drastic change in resistance. Even then it only took a couple seconds for the KICKR to up the ante. I see that as a good thing though as it gives you some time to up your effort The Wahoo KICKR has a built-in power meter that allows you to accurately measure your effort. We tested the KICKR's wattage readings against power meters from other manufacturers and found the data to be accurate and (arguably) more important consistent. Most of my training on it I used it with Today's Plan which saved me the time to have to select a specific mode or set up a training plan. If you're not planning to use one of those you can opt for one of 4 settings: level (10 power curves), resistance (set in percentage), erg (specific wattage) and sim (a calculation of outdoor riding based on programmable slope, wind speed and your physical measurements taken from your profile). All of these work as advertised, but I found it easiest to follow my training plan. Doing that allows you full access to all of it's settings and measurements without the need to fiddle around. The Today's Plan APP connects to the KICKR in seconds and adding Wahoo's other devices was just as simple. What you have now is a trainer that will take you through your training leaving you to focus on cranking the pedals. Warm-up, cool down, resistance, wattage, specific zones are all included. In Today's Plan, you can select a training program for a specific race which will then (based on the amount of weeks you selected) work out a training program for you. All you have to do is get on your bike on the pre-selected days (these can be moved if you missed a training session) and the KICKR will do the rest. For the Strava fans among us there is another option: Segments by Wahoo Fitness. Downloading this app to a compatible device will allow you to link it to your Strava profile enabling you to ride and train certain segments. It adds a level of fun to your training and helps you quickly forget that you are working up a sweat. Verdict Think of Blu-Ray vs VHS when comparing the Wahoo KICKR to a standard trainer. Yes, there are mechanics involved, but the experience is more digital and online than anything else I've tried. I've never been able to survive longer than 30 minutes on a trainer mainly because I get bored unless I'm engaged. With the amount of info available while training with the KICKR it is impossible to get bored.An even bigger positive is the fact that there's very little you need to do to stay engaged - or entertained in my case. Wahoo have embraced APPS and open source fully with the KICKR and have managed to do it in such a way to make it easy for the electronically-illiterate to get up and running. The Kickr provides a very realistic feel, the transition through the power levels is very smooth and it's fairly quiet - certainly a lot quieter than anything else I've experienced. I would so far as to say that a KICKR and a subscription online training program like Today's Plan needs to form part of every serious cyclists training arsenal. Pricing Wahoo Fitness KICKR - RRP R16,999.00Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ - RRP R1,999.00 Wahoo Fitness TICKR X - RRP R1,499.00 ProsEase of use Ability to mount just about any bicycle Integration with APPS APP tray is big and growing set up is quick, easy and painless In my mind represents good value for money for the semi to serious rider Sturdy and well-made No need for external blocks or levellers to get the perfect riding position Connection to devices are rock-solid Realistic feel Quiet Build in power meter, cadence and speed increase it's value for money ConsPrice? On the heavy side (See Pros). From the Manufacturer: REALISTIC ROAD FEEL KICKR’s professional-grade high inertia flywheel is engineered to provide an ultra realistic road feel. ACCURATE POWER Set your desired power level and the KICKR will automatically adjust the resistance to ensure your ride stays consistent and calibrated. SMART RESIST Set your resistance or power threshold through your chosen smartphone app for the most efficient workout possible.
  13. Beyond 2000 was a documentary TV Show that aired from 1985 to 1999 and featured technological innovations that were meant to improve our lives and be widely available to the mass market soon after the year 2000. Most inventions and ideas were outstanding and, for the time it was aired, quite out there. Flying cars, jetpacks as daily transport - next level stuff. Click here to view the article
  14. Hi, Do anybody out there own a Shova trainer? Or know what they're like compared to Tacx etc? I'm interested in a one and just want to find out what they are like? Thanks!
  15. Sorry for another IDT topic. Firstly is this a good deal, and a good trainer ? http://www.sportsworld.co.za/product.php?id_product=904 So while I'm at war with myself to become a better cyclist, and after reading many online articles, it seems that a trainer is going to help improve my riding, especially with interval training. I don't get much intervals done when I'm on the road, I push myself hard on some days but I think its basically just TITS, so a trainer can help improve this and will allow me to get more time in. I don't want to spend crazy amounts of cash on a trainer, so at about the R4k mark, what would you recommend ?
  16. I have an old set of 26" Giant wheels that came with my Anthem (maybe from the USA). They run on no-name 24 hole hubs. Front wheel is still perfect, but on the rear the freebody is shot; it slips. My LBS (small town) told me it's unrepairable because spares are not available. Is this really the case? I'd love to use that rear wheel on my indoor trainer. Thanks guys!
  17. I am looking for a CSA Qualified (Level 1 - 3) Cycle Coach to join my business as a freelance Cycle Coach. Currently I am the Owner/ Head Trainer of Pure Athlete Performance. A company focused on Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Training. My experience and focus lies on extreme sport athletes (Motocross, FMX, Enduro etc.), with an employee focused on Triathlete specific training. With the expansion and demand it has lead us to have a qualified cycle coach take care of the department. Ideally we are looking for a coach that has a small client base and following within the cycling community. The employment will be commission based where you will be provided with clients, personal marketing, as well as access to our online software. If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to Brandon at: info@pureathleteperformance.com
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