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Check out our latest review of Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve www.bikeparks.co.za


Stainbank is a spot that a lot of folks don’t really know about, and really, it’s right on our doorstep.


Being only 10km from the spaghetti junction, it is a great spot to shoot out to for a quick ride, which is about all you can do there, given that at about 10 kilometres, its not very long at all.


Getting there may seem a bit confusing, but its tar all the way and you arrive at this unexpected pocket of wilderness, still within the city limits, where Zebra, Impala and monkeys abound. If you are lucky you will also see some shy little Red Duiker and Bushbuck.


The bush is something that really impresses here and you find yourself in some beautiful KZN forest and grasslands, which I am told were once the haunt of King Shaka.


After signing in at the gate and coughing up the R15 for admission, make your way to the Lourie Picnic site car park where they have a nice shaded parking area, toilets and picnic sites. All very pleasant.


The trail heads out from the car park, although you would not know unless you know the place or read the map in the parking really well, and then memorise it for the rest of the ride. It’s a very confusing and frustrating place to ride because of the lack of proper signage and the lack of a well laid out trail network. There is lots of trail, but to us its really badly laid out. Each junction you get to shows the same arrow, left and right. If you go one way, your ride could be really short. Go the other, and you may end up back at a junction you just came from. Its plain confusing. Best go there with someone you know, or download our gps track.


For the full review go to http://www.bikeparks.co.za/review/stainbank

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