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Introduction and Injuries


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Greetings all,

My name is Ryan =P


Im new here =D


I cycled from 2007-2009 and over 6500km on a Mountainbike. In april 2009 i got a knee injury from doing cross country running in school. The injury first occured on the thursday and on friday i had to go to my local GP, My knee was completely locked and after 2 injections i could just move it again. He said that my one muscle had over developed and the other muscle had underdeveloped. So we went to a biokineticist and she comfirmed what the doctor had said.


So now it was to the physio twice a week for a month. The exercises that the physio gave me made it worse. I lived on pain Killers and anti-inflammatories. So eventually i just gave up on all sports after about 6 months and i stopped the exercises that the physio gave me. So i sold all my cycling equipment and bought a 125cc scooter. My parents believed that my knees wouldnt get better unless i did those exercises from the Physio.


Then in november 2011 i felt my knees were givimg me trouble again so i went to another doctor who told me it was Osteoarthritis... In a 17 Year old, So i went on new medication to build cartilage and still nothing. :cursing: :eek:


3 years off a bicycle is a killer.


Then about 1 Month till Africa Bike Week 2012 :wub: , My knees started collapsing for no reason. I was doing no exercise on them besides walking. I would be walking up stairs and just bail, climbing out of bed would be a pain cause my legs would feel weak. So back to my Local GP and this time he referrred me to a Surgeon.

I went to see the Surgeon and he played with my knee and found the problem....

The problem was my Medial Plica, which was removed exactly 4 weeks and 1 Day ago and i have been back on a Mountain Bike Since last week Monday. How i wish i went for that Op 3 years ago!



Has anyone had any similar problems?


But i can't over do it for another 3 weeks.


And i bought a Specialized Epic Softail M5.


Do you have any idea how expensive it is to restart Mountain biking?


Thanks Everyone

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