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Headsets - what the fit...?


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I've been into MTB for a little while now, and I like to think I've accumalted some of the associated technical knowledge. However, I have recently bought a road bike, and found myself on another learning curve... Herein lie my questions.


Does a road bike use the same sort of headsets that a MTB does? I can't find anything on the bike or in the (online) shops that distinguish them. Do they use the same fitment conventions as a MTB frame ie 1 1/8th inch steerer, divided into standard, internal (semi-integrated) and integrated headsets? Can I just take the standard headset from my MTB and press it into my road bike frame (Trek 1200 SLR), which looks like it uses the roughly the same size cups?


I suppose I could just take them all apart and see if it works, but I wouldn't want to risk damaging either frame, and it is just so quick and easy (and cleaner) to ask a question up in here... :)

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