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Re Anodizing


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i would like to refurbish a tatty looking set of DT Swiss 240 Hubs and have them re anodized. does anybody know where I could have this done?

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Chat to these guys www.astroholdings.co.za they redid my bars, great guys and super helpful. Cheap as chips as well

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Just be mindful of bearing tolerances,

I'm not too sure how thick the coating will be, but the tolerances can be quite tight.


Let me know how it goes,

Been a project I want to do.




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Anodising will change the dimensions and possibly to a degree that will ruin the part depending on how long the part is cleaned/etched and which solutions are used to do so etc.


I've anodised various parts before and when it comes to areas with critical dimensions I silicone those areas first and once the silicone has fully cured I strip the part and then start the anodising process. So threads or bearing surfaces remain like they were and in 95% instances they are also not visible when the part is installed.

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Anodize is not a color layer on top so won't diameter and width or tolerances.


If it is anodized already they remove the anodizing effectively removing a layer of aluminium

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