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Niteye® B10 Cycle Light


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http://extremelights.gocommerce.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2013/08/B10-Black-side.jpghttp://extremelights.gocommerce.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2013/08/b10-black-set.jpghttp://extremelights.gocommerce.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2013/08/b10.jpgNiteye (pronounced Night eye) is a new name in the South African cycle light arena. It is a brand that has a reputation for designing and building high end LED products. I will be reviewing the B10, its entry level cycle light.Manufacturers specs:

  • Light source: Cree XM-L U2 LED
  • Material and finish: Aircraft grade aluminium and HA III anodizing
  • Rated max lumen: 600
  • Modes and runtimes: 600lm – 6h / 200lm – 15h / 50lm – 64h
  • Battery pack: 4400 mAh Li-ion cells in a neoprene pouch
  • Water resistance: IPX 6
  • Dimensions: Length: 49mm / diameter: 34mm
  • Fitted weight: 410g


  • Low voltage indicator
  • Constant current regulation
  • Quick release mount
  • Remote switch

The B10 cycle light has a simple design compared to some lights, but the craftsmanship and finish is excellent. It comes in two colours, black and red. The light unit itself is very light, but the battery pack and cables I found to be on the heavier side. I think this is due to the added material to protect the batteries. The wiring is also exceptionally thick and all connectors has screw caps to prevent them from accidentally working loose. The quick release handlebar mount is excellent. It has rubber padding and a screw strap to fit any diameter bar. Once fixed, there is no need to remove it. The light clips onto the mount and cannot come loose unless the release button is pressed. The mount has a hinge that allows for small horizontal movement of the light to adjust the aim of the beam. The overall quality of the plastics parts are excellent. The battery pack itself has ample amount of Velcro to ensure a tight fit to your frame or stem. Using the remote switch: This is quite a handy feature on the Niteye cycle lights. I found the buttons to be well spaced and the user interface effortless to use. There are two buttons with different shapes, thus one can choose between on/off/modes/strobe without having to look down. I strapped mine to the handlebar just next to the grip, not wanting the switch to sit between my hand and the grip. To prevent accidental on/off one need to hold the round button for a few seconds.The beam and runtime : The B10 has a spectacular wide and smooth beam pattern. There is no hot spot and the reach is sufficient. In my opinion the 600 lumen is more than enough for technical single tracks and cross country use. I will let the photo speak for itself... We know that 600 lumens breaks no records, but 6 hours runtime on max is quite impressive and reassuring to say the least. And when the road widens and less light is needed, one can select the low mode and extend the runtime to 64 hours.In conclusion, my only real criticism is the weight. Other than that I really love using my B10 and can recommend it to anyone. For more info click on any of the pictures.

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