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Aero seatposts


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Ok so let me start this off by saying that I know a bigger size bike would solve the problem but I just think that with the legs of a giant and my small torso :whistling: it would be less of a fuss to just get a new seatpost. That being said, I am just Wondering if anyone knows where I could find said Extended seatpost, such as one can find on the Cervelo S2 or SLC-SL? It looks like the Image attached. Any and ALL help is highly appreciated. Also I have noticed that they are not being used by manufacturers in the newer specifications of the older models. Anybody know why?


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54 celvelo SLC-SL and I am 190 cm tall.


You should be on a 56 or a 58 depending on your inseam.

I am 176 and rode a 54cm S1.

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My crank length is 170, and yes I am aware that the bike is small in that regard but I had good fitment with my Scott S10 and the top of the seat tube to the center of the BB measurement was the same, so I just want to know if there are longer seatposts out there so that I don't end up feeling like I am reaching for the bars on a bigger bike even with a short stem.

:ph34r: .

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My crank length is 170,


That's way to short.......but you know that.


How much to short is the post?

What the difference in drop from your saddle height and handle bars height?


Have you tried looking at some of the other makes?I think Specialized posts fit on some of he Cervelo frames.


Post a photo of your current position and where you want it.

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