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Repair Stands for Charity

Kalahari Vegmot

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HI, everyone, every year GF4GF centres ride the 947 with TEAMBeulah(http://beulahafrica.co.za/2016/08/12/call-to-action-help-break-the-cycle-of-poverty/) in order to raise funds to help support ex-students at university.(http://gf4gfcentres.co.za/)


So, my idea:Make and sell repair stands made mostly of reclaimed material to raise funds for the bursary fund, and to help maintain the bicycles, etc that are used each year.

So, I would like to know: Do you guys think it's a good idea? Is there a market for this? And how much should I ask for the stands; R300, R400, R500?

I was thinking of solely selling through the hub, but I don't know whether any bike shops might be interested in retailing maybe?

Also, I will need at least 5 orders before everything can be bought to begin manufacturing.

I would also like to donate 1 stand for every 10 sold to: projects like Build-a-Bike; B.O.M.B, or the the first taker on the hub for a free stand

So, please post your thoughts/ideas here on the subject and let me know what you guys think

Thanks in advance!


The repair stand in all its glory!

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