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  1. Hi Guys, Since 2020 has all around made for a bit of a disaster, and I have currently got nothing but time on my hands for most of the rest of the year, I thought it might be a good idea to use that time to do something constructive, instead of wallow in the sorrows, moaning about what 2020 should have been, and while at it, why not try raise some funds for a charity that supports people who really know what suffering is, and who have also lost most of their sources of funding during this time. So, take a look here for all the details: https://adventurelogistics.co.za/echo/ and visit the backabuddy page here if you feel like you can afford to donate a few bucks: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/enduring-4-echo-youth The ride: You can get a much more detailed description on the webpage in the link above, but the ride is essentially a 1000km ride, starting at the Seal Point Lighthouse in St Francis on the 6th of December, going through the Baviaanskloof, then on towards Uniondale, dropping down the Montagu Pass to George, then making its way through to Stillbaai, following the route of our Hessequa/Overberg MTB Adventure to Stanford, from where it heads to the mountains again, via Franshoek to stellenbosch, and then finally into cape town to finish at Cape point, somewhere between 10 and 14 days later. The Cause: The ride will be done to raise funds for Echo Youth Development, a registerd NPO and PBO that runs a number of homes for vulnerable youth across the country, as well as facilitates numerous programs to give these kids a fighting chance in life. Lockdown has seen many of their traditional funding sources dry up, and every little bit will help keep the homes running. My aim is to try and raise a minimum of R10 000.00 through this initiative - or R10.00/Km ridden. If you would like to support the cause, please make a donation via the backabuddy page. Updates regardin the planning, as well as daily updates from the road, will be posted to our website at https://adventurelogistics.co.za/echo/, as well as via Facebook and this thread. Adventure Cycles will also donate R250.00 to the cause, for every booking made with us, between now, and the 19th of December 2020.
  2. Just as many of you do, I am also riding this years 94.7 "For a Purpose". However, the charity I am riding for needs some NON-FINANCIAL assistance from a fellow hubber. They are called Jessica's Friends (https://www.facebook...friends?fref=ts) and they raise funds to assist parents of children who have rare chromosome disorders. All they are looking for at the moment is for somebody to lend them a child bike trailer so that they can train with their daughter and then take her with them to experience the 94.7 as we all do - from a bike! Thanks
  3. Hi Hubbers, Im joining a friend of mine to raise funds to feed the hungry! SO Whats the challenge!!, Well my good friend will be swimming in his pool for 12hrs / 36km while I ride a stationery trainer for 12hrs / 250km or until I fall over!. We are desperate to get support and would really appreciate if you could at least share the love!. DM me for the links to share. You can catch the live feeds on facebook to see the pain on my face if thats you thing too. Th how: 8am to 8pm ride/swim. Live Facebook feed every hour, I will be tracking the milage and will update as often as possible. https://https://www.givengain.com/ap/gavin-brophy-raising-funds-for-the-clothing-bank/ https://www.facebook.com/gavin.brophy.3/videos/2578475135759309/ Thank you for your support in advance Hubbers!!
  4. Hey Guys, I have some stuff I want to get rid of, to further embrace minimalism. Stuff: Bar Ends, SPD Pedals (Need service), Helmet. I could post an ad for these things but it's a lot of admin to share contact details with someone and all that, so what I'm after is a LBS in Pretoria, or some sort of project where you can donate unwanted and unused bike gear. There must be some sort of place that helps get people pedalling? Any recommendations?
  5. Dear Valued Hubbers, We are honoured to be competing at the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic mountain bike race, in support of CANSA. (www.cansa.org.za) Our goal is to help raise awareness and funds for CANSA in support of their fight against cancer. We are very grateful to be offered this opportunity to help those who are affected by this disease, and we wish to contribute to this cause. We can do so with your support - together we can make a difference! We therefore kindly ask that you please support our cause and the fight against cancer, by making a donation, no matter how small - every cent helps, to CANSA at the following link: https://www.givengain.com/ap/cansaheroes/# (all proceeds will go directly into CANSA's bank account). We are also selling advertising space on our racing kit to companies who wish to donate to this cause. All proceeds will go directly to CANSA, who will in return issue tax certificates to donating companies. Please share with all your family and friends. Also follow us for upcoming fundraiser events! Many thanks for your kind support! Riaan van Wyk & Jacques Lotriet
  6. We all have those lonely single socks lying around with an unmatched partner. Now they can come to good use! Looking to pair single socks to donate to the homeless. Based in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Can do collections too. Please please donate. Every sock makes a difference!
  7. Hi Guys The NSPCA has formed a new (non-pro) National Cycling Team... They are looking for dedicated cyclists, sponsors, endorsees, donors and any other person/company who would like to get involved with #teamNSPCA. Cyclists riding for the National SPCA Cycling Team would ride in aid of the NSPCA in any cycling events they take part in throughout the year, and do so in an attempt to raise funds for this great charity. This National Team will consist of more permanent and committed riders than the (equally awesome) 'NSPCA Charity Team' taking part in events like the 947... ALL funds raised, sponsorship received, donations donated, endorsements given and other support offered (being financial support, goods, services or other) will go directly to the NSPCA, as cyclists will ride for the team on a volunteer basis. Should you be interested in joining the team, or if you are a company looking at sponsoring the NSPCA, please contact the NSPCA directly on comms3@nspca.co.za - they will be able to give you more info. They do have some rules and criteria for members of the National Team, all available from the NSPCA... . You are also welcome to leave a comment here, or *DM me, and I will put you in contact with the right people (I joined the team recently and help them out with the admin etc...) So, if you have a love for animals and enjoy cycling, please consider joining this team dedicated in supporting the NSPCA. ALL funds raised, sponsorship, donations, endorsements and other support (being financial support, goods or services offered) will go directly to the NSPCA, and cyclists ride for the team on a volunteer basis.
  8. I need a whole lot of help please. At the beginning of November this year I am planning to ride (as fast as I can) across the width of South Africa in order to raise funds for Qhubeka. I would really appreciate any help regarding the route, weather or charity tips. This is the route i have planned so far: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/16299606
  9. I have always enjoyed the Hub, and the variety of interests and the various thread topics is something to be admired. HOWEVER, the way the guys/gals come together to work towards a outcome is worthy of praise!! Without trying to cut out the angelic work done from time to time, of which the newest thread is run by 2Bliss (https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169450-please-help-a-preemie/page-6?hl=pre&do=findComment&comment=3180134), here's a breakdown of the fund raisers riding the 94.7. *Disclaimer, by no means is this a closed list. But merely the ones I found on a quick search. Please add as you come across them. PS. Personally I am riding for the Bulldog Rescue Angels Telkom 947 Challenge: Bulldog Rescue Angels https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/168207-telkom-947-challenge-bulldog-rescue-angels/ Ride the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge for Ruth First Memorial Trust (Jeppe High School for Girls)https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/167860-ride-the-telkom-947-cycle-challenge-for-ruth-first-memorial-trust-jeppe-high-school-for-girls/ SPCA - an EASY sms is needed...please help...?!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169161-spca-an-easy-sms-is-neededplease-help/ Ride the 947 for Barking Armyhttps://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169393-ride-the-947-for-barking-army/ Need riders for 94.7 charity https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169591-need-riders-for-947-charity/ Cycling the 947 for underprivileged students-make a small contribution and get a FREE repair stand!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169609-cycling-the-947-for-underprivileged-students-make-a-small-contribution-and-get-a-free-repair-stand/?source=lfp
  10. Hi all For the last few years I have been riding the 947 Road and MTB races to raise funds for Husky Rescue SA through the Barking Army. The Barking Army raises funds for 4 animal rescue organisations and you can choose which you would like to support when signing up. These are Husky Rescue, Woodrock, PETS and Paws R Us. All funds raised go directly to your chosen organisation and all four organisations are in desperate need of funds to house, feed and take care of all the animals. I know that there is huge support for animal causes here on the Bikehub so I am hoping that some of you will consider joining us in riding for a purpose. More details can be found on the website or post your questions here. http://www.barkingarmysa.com With my son at finish of last years race, just squeaked in under 3hrs.
  11. On Saturday 24 June, 2017, I'm riding 100 Miles on Zwift at Cycle Lab Fourways to raise awareness and funds for Qhubeka. More than half-a-million kids walk for more than a hour a day to get to school. A Qhubeka Buffalo Bike has been proven to improve attendance and focus and therefore results for kids who receive them. Kids earn their bikes through the Study to Learn programme. The details are here: http://qhubeka.org/2013/?page_id=962 Please support my project. I've committed to raising the funds for 4 bikes. They cost just R 2,850 each. It's really easy to donate. Just click on this link to GivenGain https://www.givengain.com/ap/100IndoorMilesforBikes/ Any donation will be gratefully appreciated. And, you can have the dubious pleasure of coming to Cycle Lab on 24 June to watch me ride my 100 Miles. Thanks Hubland. I know you'll help me out.
  12. Good afternoon all. I'm posting on behalf of Bulldog Rescue Angels. These guys to very good work regarding the rescue of Bulldogs, however they are always keen to lend a hand to the other organisations to help with re-homing's etc. Little Hulk (check out the "Show us your pets" thread) was adopted with their help. Please help them out!! Ps. I will be riding, and if all goes well I'll be on my SS. ________________________________________________________________________________ Now from their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BulldogRescueAngels/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf Calling all cyclists! Bulldog Rescue Angels still need 17 more cyclists in order to register as a charity bond for the 947 Cycle Challenge 2017. An investment R1 000 per rider is needed to be part of the Squashy Face Cycle Team 2017 and you will benefit from a snazzy cycle jersey, a rider pack and a hospitality tent afterwards. If interested in cycling for the Squashy Faces please send us an email on bulldogrescueangels@gmail.com. #CycleChallenge2017 #RideForAPurpose #BulldogRescueAngelsCycleTeam https://youtu.be/t428pcMfs8I Why we need YOU! BRA is a registered NPC (NON-Profit Company) which doesn’t get any funds from the state and we therefore solely rely on the support of the public to help us helping bulldogs in need. Our mission is to aid ALL bulldogs that are surrendered to us and to make sure that the Bulldog’s health needs are properly attended to, that they are happy and will have a better life than ever before. Up until 17 May 2017, our expenses for the year was already calculated at R 13 610, an amount for Vet fees alone, a further R1 400, was incurred for behaviourist consults and have we not calculated the costs of all the bags of dog food, beds, etc. we have purchased. As a rescue organisation, we do not hesitate to use the services of accredited behaviourists to help potential and past adoptive families manage their dog's behaviour issue, as and when they arise. Our adoption fees, normally don’t even cover the medical expenses of one bulldog, especially if the dog had to receive specialised vet care such as a soft palate - or a cherry eye operation. Our fundraising events for the rest of 2017 are as follows: - BRA Annual Golf Day 29 June 2017 - BRA Winter Fundraiser Walk 9 July 2017 - BRA 947 Cycle Challenge 2017 (we hope to get enough riders this year to enter a team again). We will really appreciate your assistance to attend, share and help to network or even email us if you can help us in any other way or form! The Bulldog Rescue Angels Team ????????????????????????
  13. The 35 000 cyclists registered for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour are being challenged to make every kilometre count and raise funds for charity. Click here to view the article
  14. The Chaeli Campaign, one of the participating charities. Developed in conjunction with Cape Argus, Pick n Pay and Momentum, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Fundracer online charity portal allows registered cyclists to create their own custom profile and then to appeal to friends, family and the public to sponsor their ride. In 2016 a pilot project to test the platform raised R70 000 in less than three weeks. There are 22 charities to chose from, focused on different areas - community, environment and health. “All the charities were specifically chosen so that there is a variety and that, when you donate through the platform, you know exactly where your money is going,” explains David Bellairs, Marketing, Media and Sponsorship director at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. “We’re hoping it will grow from here, so that one day all charities supported through the Cape Town Cycle Tour will be on this platform,” Bellairs added. “Many people use the Cycle Tour to raise money for their favourite charities. Until now there has been no real way to track exactly, to the cent, how much money is raised for charity through the Cape Town Cycle Tour.” Any cyclists entered into the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour can become a Fundracer and it takes less than five minutes to sign up: 1. Visit the Fundracer Portal : http://ctctfundracers.co.za/ 3. Sign up as a Fundracer – registration is free, quick and easy 2. Select a cause to ride for (only charities on the site can be chosen, no new ones can be added) 4. Share your profile link on social media, using the official hashtags: #CycleTour2017, #40Years40Reasons and #CTCTFundracers. If you are not riding, support a profiled Fundracer riding for a cause, or donate directly to a cause of your choice. For more information please contact: info@ctctfundracer.co.za.
  15. Team Build-a-Bike SA is riding the 2017 Old Mutual Joberg2C, on singlespeed Cotic mountain bikes, to raise money for 2 charities - Build-a-Bike SA and Unite For Change - facilitating other charitable efforts across South Africa.. Please visit the website and support us in this endeavour - every little contribution will help get more underprivileged people on bikes and more volunteers to needy charitable projects across the country. http://www.buildabikesa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/joint-logo-1.png
  16. 7 ENTRIES LEFT! Choose to Ride4Change and help us create the change in high-risk communities with our JAGRiders programme! Email info@jagfoundation.org.za to secure your spot. http://jagfoundation.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Argus-Entries-2017.jpg
  17. Hi, Hubbers, I would like to fix someone's else's bicycle, but don't have all the parts that's needed for it and was wondering whether there might be some of you willing to donate-sort of like Build-a-Bike on a small scale. I need the following parts: New brake and shifter cables and housing, square taper crank, rear wheel with an 8speed cassette, a saddle, chain and new grips; it's an old Giant ATX870 if that helps. I'm in Groblershoop, but there are places in Vereeniging and Bloemfontein where parts can be dropped of. My number is 072 770 2167, and Email 3d.petri@gmail.com if anyone's interested. Thank in advance guys!
  18. HI, everyone, every year GF4GF centres ride the 947 with TEAMBeulah(http://beulahafrica.co.za/2016/08/12/call-to-action-help-break-the-cycle-of-poverty/) in order to raise funds to help support ex-students at university.(http://gf4gfcentres.co.za/) So, my idea:Make and sell repair stands made mostly of reclaimed material to raise funds for the bursary fund, and to help maintain the bicycles, etc that are used each year. So, I would like to know: Do you guys think it's a good idea? Is there a market for this? And how much should I ask for the stands; R300, R400, R500? I was thinking of solely selling through the hub, but I don't know whether any bike shops might be interested in retailing maybe? Also, I will need at least 5 orders before everything can be bought to begin manufacturing. I would also like to donate 1 stand for every 10 sold to: projects like Build-a-Bike; B.O.M.B, or the the first taker on the hub for a free stand So, please post your thoughts/ideas here on the subject and let me know what you guys think Thanks in advance! The repair stand in all its glory!
  19. Is anyone following the trip of Ivan Zimmerman riding on his Rocky Mountain from Beijing to Istanbul? I understand that this is for charity, and even with that in mind, it's still a remarkable feat of endurance. Distance covered after 10 days: 824km Still to go: 11170km Let's give this man some support! www.ivanzimmermann.com
  20. Why fly when you can ride? This year we are riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour again in support of the Sunflower Fund. ...but.... with a BIG difference. We are riding from Johannesburg to Cape Town. 1412km in just eight days on a tandem bicycle. And then we ride the Cycle Tour, another 110km. We will be doing this with 8 other cyclists on the Sunflower Fund Tour of Light. We leave Joburg on Friday 26 February and arrive in Cape Town on Friday 4 March. Read more about our trip details here. Read more about the Sunflower Fund here. We would love your help please! First prize is that you register as a Stem Cell Donor with the Sunflower Fund. By doing so you make a commitment to donate your Stem Cells to someone who desparately needs them. You can save their life! It is free and does not hurt! Details on registering are here. Please let us know if you register as a donor. Alternately, you donate us some (lots) of money in support of our ride. All the money donated goes to the Sunflower Fund which is then used to create further awareness for the need for Stem Cell donors and to pay the costs of tissue typing the registered donors so that they can be matched to needy recipients. The actual costs of our trip will be paid for by ourselves, so all donations go to the Fund. We have a website with more details of the trip. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us for daily updates from the road. And just in case anyone asks, we are not riding back! Thank you so much for your support. Be Brave. Be Kind. Ida and Dave
  21. I run the NPO Build-a-Bike SA (thread here) I need a 6m shipping container which I'm placing at the PWC Cycle Park in Bryanston. This will be used as workshop, storage and parts drop-off point. A container costs ~R20k. I'm offering any sponsor that is willing to contribute towards this container, or a portion of the cost, the opportunity to brand the side of the container for up to 12 months. Please assist if you can! Thanks, Nick
  22. Hi All JHB to BLOEM, 483km,3days... During the 2014/2015 AROLA tour the Mosaiek cycling community had a total participation of 94 Riders that took part from various cities on the route. The three day 483km AROLA tour offers a variety of terrain and landscapes. The tour is rated medium in terms of difficulty and the terrain varies from Erkies hill to the flat Freestate Mielie and Sonneblom landscapes. We have a few open spaces for those who wants to join the 2016 AROLA cycle tour, for more information on dates and fees please visit http://arolacycletour.wix.com/arolacycletour Please visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/arolacycletour/?fref=ts and youtube Regards AROLA
  23. Hi guys. Proud to announce that I am new to the forum, and that I have committed myself to one crazy idea: I want to ride the Momentum 94.7 on a single speed bike. I decided this after I recently bought a SS project bike, weighing in at only a few kilo's. Rides like a dream, and even wheelies spontaneously. So I decided that the 94.7 is a challenge I set myself, and that I would like to do those tough km's for myself, and a charity. I need some advice on this topic though - if any of you guys have done it before, or know of people who will be riding fixed gear or single speeds in 2014 Momentum 94.7 - please share your thoughts. Any charities that need some extra support are also welcome to be presented here so that I can consider them! Thank you in advance, Gus
  24. Salvation Army Centres countrywide are providing sanctuary and trauma-counselling to hundreds of vulnerable children and abused women, as well as standing steadfast in the combat against human trafficking. Please support us! Here’s a great opportunity for your company to be in the thick of the thrilling vibe of the 94.7 Cycle Challenge this November. And as this year’s theme is Ride for a Purpose this also gives you a multi-purpose reason to go all out to win support for the most eclectic charity in the country. Yup! The Salvation Army would love you to heed our battle cry to help us in our war against SA’s human suffering. We help the poorest, the neediest, the abused and abandoned – of all ages, colours and creeds. We have homes for discarded babes – some just hours old, for boys, for girls, the elderly, the sick. Provide clothing and food to the destitute, help educate the young and equip people for jobs. We run hospitals and clinics. Help people overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Help fight the horrors of human trafficking. Most importantly, we give love, hope – and spiritual sustenance. And always we give a hand up – not a handout. To this end we invite your company to enter a team, or an individual, each of whom will proudly don our battle colours (Salvation Army cycle shirt included) and set a target of R6,000 to raise for The Salvation Army. (If you think this is daunting remember that as a cyclist, raising funds for their beloved cause, you become an activist for that cause and raise awareness as you reach out to others and so you secure your fundraising efforts). How to Participate: 1. Enter the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge at www.cyclechallenge.co.za. 2. Contact Celehte_Wymers@saf.salvationarmy.org / 011 718 6713 with yourRegistered Name and Surname Cell number Email address Or for more information 3. Raise Funds - Minimum target is R 6000 using our online platform GivenGain. Enter as an individual rider or get together a team of family, friends, or colleagues and ride for a purpose. We need you – make the decision today – choose to ride
  25. It's time for the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge Ride for a Purpose & the Salvation Army will be participating to celebrate 150 years of trust! Click here to view the article
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