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Thermal fitment of shimano cycling shoes


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I believe it's simply removal of the inner sole, as well as no cleats, chuck in the oven at 70 degree celcius for 20 mins, then carefully fit to feet with socks on. I use a towel on the floor to avoid damaging the soles, and the back of a large screwdriver handle to push out specifically annoying parts that the foot fit didn't solve.


You can also use a hairdryer on specific sections if it's just micro adjustments you need to make.

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Here’s what actually had to be done for thermal fitment of Shimano shoes:


The process was to remove the inner sole and put the shoe in a special Shimano oven for 2:30 minutes, then take the shoe out and insert the sole back and get the rider to fit the shoe. A special vacuum pump and bag was then used to suck out the heat and mold the sole to the foot shape.  Lastly just the inner sole would be placed in the oven for 90 seconds, removed and reinserted into the shoe which would then be refitted  to the foot followed by the rider standing in the shoe to get inner sole to mold to the foot bed. This of course would be done for both shoes.


Shimano discontinued this technology a couple of years ago so if you bought the shoes recently you may have a problem getting the thermal fitment done with the correct equipment. Maybe some offers of help will come your way via your post?


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