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DISCOUNTED !!! -CAPE EPIC TEAM Ticket 2024 for Sale. International Ticket

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Cape Epic is an incredible event, and participating in it promises a challenging and memorable experience for any mountain biking enthusiast. Let me highlight some key points to help you sell the Cape Epic team ticket:

  1.  Cape Epic 8 day stage race is an Unique Experience:

    • Cape Epic is not just a race but a unique experience. Participants get to ride through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in and around Cape Town, providing an unforgettable backdrop to their journey.
  2. World-Class Event:

    • Cape Epic is a UCI-sanctioned event, organized by the renowned IRONMAN group. This means it adheres to the highest standards of competition and organization.
  3. Challenge and Achievement:

    • This event is known for its challenging terrains, demanding routes, and diverse conditions, making it a true test of a rider's skill and endurance.
  4. Exclusive Opportunity:

    •  Not everyone gets the chance to participate in such a prestigious event.
  5. Professional Support:

    • IRONMAN group ensures top-notch logistical and safety support. From well-marked routes to medical assistance, participants can focus on their ride while the event organizers take care of the rest.
  6. Networking and Camaraderie:

    •  The Cape Epic isn't just about the race; it's also a great platform for networking and building lasting friendships with fellow biking enthusiasts.
  7. Limited Availability:

    • 600 limited number of team tickets available. This scarcity adds value to the experience and makes it a sought-after opportunity.
  8. Inclusive Package:

    • Discounted  ticket price covers not only the race entry but also includes essential amenities such as accommodation, meals, and event merchandise. This makes it a comprehensive package, simplifying the participant's overall experience.
  9. Memories for a Lifetime:

    Memories created during the Cape Epic will last a lifetime. The sense of accomplishment, the stunning landscapes, and the camaraderie with fellow participants make it an investment in a truly remarkable experience.
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