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What scale to buy? (No not a Scott)


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OK, it's official. I am becoming a weight weenie and looking to buy a scale to weigh components and one to weigh complete bikes.


I was wondering which ones people use? Obviously accuracy is important, but there must be some decent ones that aren't too expensive. I see Worcester Wheelers uses a Rapala fish weighing scale.


Any recomendations?
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Hi Wallee.


LOLLOL You're quite opservant (checking out your future bike...)


Yes, went to the local angling shop and got the Rapala scale for quite a bargain, and also got a small class top scale from CLICKS to weigh the smaller stuff.


(I actually changed the batteries this afternoon to start weighing all the parts that we will be swopping on the SC1)


e.g. the Token Ti QR (55g) are exactly 1/2 the weight of the existing Ringle QR levers. (110g)


Tomorrow we'll update it with the new SLR saddle (175g) and the 4ti Eggbeaters.....
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That is  exactly why I need it. That baby deserves only the best and lightest!


I also noticed the glass top scale in your photos, it looks like it belongs in a doctors office for measuring medicines or something very important. I will be running down to Clicks ASAP in the morning.
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