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BeOne Nirvana - Anyone know this bike


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Hi Flea,


Been checking that special out too for a while now! Seems like a real bargain and even with the VAT and duties it will still be a reasonable price at about R20500.


There is just one concern from my side, and that is that there are no full susp bikes in Beone's 2009 lineup. What could be the reason? And why are the Nirvana selling for this unbelievable price?


Have you found some more detail on it?
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Hi Arraz

Did some initial investigation, but now all out of the bigger bikes.

Seems like the group is big in Holland, but not known outside. The components are all international, so could be fine, the problem is the lack of reports to base a buying decision on. Even though cheap, still a lot of money. I suppose if you do not like the ride, you can always just get another frame....
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