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Polar FT80


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Hi Everyone


I am considering buying a new watch. With that in mind thought why not score, by getting a heart rate monitor which can double as a watch. After some looking around  my eyes fell on the Polar FT80. As most of the other HRM's reminded me of the Casio calculator watches of the 80's.


I need to balance form and function and and need something that does not look out of place with a Hugo Boss suit.Wink


So my questions are:-

1. As a cycling tool, how appropraite is the FT80 if i buy it with the G1 gps accesory?

2. Does anyone have any experience with it?

3. Is there any other options i can look at?


talkin bout this guy20091014_072919_polar_ft80.jpg


Funkman2009-10-14 07:30:05
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dude - i have my eye on that - they look sick and they have siek functions.

It is not a  cycling specific watch but i also want the one with the GPS addon-  how much dosh with it cost with GPS?


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i dont know why the other HR monitors look so ugly - but when i saw this one i was like WOW....

I rate go for it
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Doesn't look bad at all.

I also saw it on the web.

Just one thing - these gadgets with ad-ons never work as good as a full dedicated item made specific for a job.

For a watch I would rather go for a actual watch and for cycling I would go for Polar CS200 (its cheap and has all features necessary for cycling).
Otherwise go all out and buy a Garmin GPS.
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