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I am looking at getting a Garmin Edge,

I am just not sure which model to go for.  I have been looking

at the new 500, it seems to be a fairly good option.  I am

generally only a weekend warrior and do one or two funrides a month

but being a gadget freak I want one!  The functionality that

really appeals to me is being able to check out my work out (route,

altitude, HR, calories, etc).


Any comments / advice?



where should I look at purchasing it (West Cape), is CRC an option?



RobG2009-10-19 10:05:55

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I bought the Edge 305 and so far I love it. It has all the 705 functions you need and none that you don't (for MTB anyway where the street maps don't help much!)

It tracks your rides, lets you race a virtual partner, the map function actually works well for anyone who knows how to use a GPS (and not just a street map finding Nuvi), and best of all it has a great and very customizable display.

My wife's 305 flew off her bike after I failed to clip it on properly, skidded across some rocks and ended in a mud bath. Still works perfectly.


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The only diifs i can see between a 305 and 500 is the 500 has power meter functionality, if you are a gadget freak then rather get the 705 otherwise stay with the 305 if you dont need the power meter.

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