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Amashova spectator viewpoints


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Hi all


I have just completed my very first Amashova. It was great fun and I enjoyed it tremendously.


I have empathy with the riders that got injured, and do not necessarily want to express any opinion about it, except maybe to say that except for this, I experienced the race as quite nicely organized. The goodie bags that everyone talks about would certainly have been nice though !!!


A big problem that I had however was more from the side of my family. I, as well as many others I suspect from all over SA come from very far to take part in the Amashova. It is certainly at great cost and also inconvenience. Where I feel that the organizers should definitely do more is to make the race a more friendly spectator event.


Almost all of the spectator points were blocked off by race officials and traffic police, and my wife and family could only come close to the route at 2 locations, after having had to persuade a traffic official to please let them park. We have a small baby and walking kilometres far is certainly not possible.


The points are not described fully, and are not at all easy to find for anyone not being a local.


It was truly a very big disappointment to them, and I must say, to me as well.


Is anybody out there sharing my sentiments???


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I drove around quite a bit during the Shova (after I had finished)

and there were quite a few spots accessible. I think the problem

more how does one get to them when one doesn't know the

area too well.


The most accessible ones were near the motorway (Camperdown/Kloof/...)


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