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On the Pricess Audi ride yesterday - as we where coming out of Heidelberg on the way to Balfor - we noticed a rider (lady) up ahead of us ! She was wearing "Konica Minolta" kit - riding in soft gears with high cadence -just on a easy training ride.  We pulled up next to her and started chatting - I had no clue who she was - but we had a great 15 to 20km -ride and chat with our group ! Even when I asked about races & times - she was very modest and just said things like " The Amashova" was good fun and she did fair - "Telkom Satelite" was quite good - and so on ! When we got to the Balfor turn- she wished us all good riding and she headed back to Heidelberg.

When I got home yesterday after the race - I put on the recorded "Amashova" super sport race coverage ! Who do I see - this same lady " Yolandi du Tout" ! Fantastic - we got the chance to ride with one of the best and she was a "Champion " of a person ! A privaledge to have met you !!  Thx for inspiring new riders Clap -from Stan "Silver Streak" .  www.chequeredclub.weebly.com 
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