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Recommendations to upgrade GT MTB


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Hi guys


I would appreciate your recommendations regarding an upgrade I would like to do on my 2004 GT Avelanche 1.0.  The frame is still excellent but I've been struggling with a bad rear wheel and had a rebuild 3 times now, but it quickly goes out of true.  Its ruined.


So I need recommendations on a new wheel set.  Since it is a good sum, I sort of want the value for doing the second upgrade I want - that is to go the hydraulic disc brake route.  Again I would appreciate recommendations on the kit to use.


I am a 100kg average MTB, mostly road rider but I really want to spend more time in the veld including racing again.  The roads these days are too dangerous.  My budget is probably ~R4000 - how realistic I'm not sure.


One last recommendation.  Which shop in northern Joburg would you recommend for the work?  The shop I bought my bike from does not exist anymore Dead and the lab does not stock GT bits.








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Hi there,




I am also in the market for new wheels (want to upgrade the stock wheels on my Avalanche Expert). I have been looking for a while now, and my choice is between XT wheelset (WH-M775), or XM819's on XT hubs. I think both should come in comfortably below R4k, and be tubeless to boot!

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