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LineBreak - compression clothing


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Hi hubbers!


check out this website... www.linebreak.com.au


Most other skins or tight fitting clothing etc, just help with body temp regulation. LineBreak does much more:

1. Temp regulation.

2. Muscle compression - like a full body brace but with ultimate flexibility, this allows for maximum muscle support and contractions. It also promotes blood flow; more blood and oxygen to muscles. And an amazing benefit is after sport recovery, it promotes the removal of lactic acid!

3. smaller/tighter sleeves around the wrist, therefore no irritating flapping about of loose sleeves!


LineBreak is used and respected by top athletes like Ryk Neetling and AB de Villiers.


Im so impressed by this brand... that I've become an agent for LineBreak performance clothing, let me know if you'd like more info, but check out the website and let me know your comments!


Sladie2009-11-07 02:29:21
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Been using mine for two years now and I'm convinced it helps with recovery and works very well for moisture control during chilly rides.

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