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Northern Farm Access Issue


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I know this has been mentioned once before but I received this email this week and thought I should post it. Surely buying a multi-entry ticket which allows one access for 20 visits is not that much of an effort?! Hope I never see these idiots. Angry


Dear Mandy,

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There are a number of cyclists who believe that they have the right to enter Northern Farm at will. Because they ride mountain bikes, they do not need to pay an entry fee, but merely enter from one of the other gates on the farm, enjoy their ride and then leave through the main gate after having enjoyed all of the facilities the farm has to offer.


It is mind boggling that people who pay a fortune for a bicycle expect to make use of a facility like Northern Farm for free and effectively steal in order to do so. The argument that they find it incovenient to go to the ticket office to buy tickets as an excuse is like arguing that it is inconvenient to stop at a traffic light when it turns red.


On Saturday morning, one such group attempted to enter the farm through the workers village and when confronted by the farm manager got reasonably argumentative about their right to access the farm in this way.


This mail is intended to set the record straight and point out to the individuals concerned that they are putting the availibility of the entire venue at risk when they behave in this arrogant and irresponsible fashion.


The only authorised access to the farm is through the main gate and accompanied by an entry ticket in terms of which the user has agreed to the rules of access and the indemnity that goes with entry.


Anyone entering the farm through any other gate than the main gate is effectively trespassing and in order to protect the interests of the bona fide users we reserve our rights to treat them as such.


Should you see anyone attempting to enter the farm through any entrance other than the main gate please assist us by pointing out that this is effectively trespassing.


We are also investigating methods of controlling access more effectively and will provide feedbcak in due course.




Simon Nash

Northern Farm MTB Representative


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