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"My race" - i want to emigrate now


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After 2 solid months of trying to register, many calls,  i think i must rather emigrate to the USA or Australia and then try and get membership from their cycling associations. This is total incompetence !!!!!!!!!!!

They dont seem to know how to fix old problems on the system that originate from Dec 2008 already.

I have a son that does the MTN - miway National MTB half marathon races, and I cant get him registered. My son has 3 profiles on the system and they cant fix it.  Should i try and bribe somebody there to help me? What do you think?


Konaman2010-01-25 12:54:03

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I just feel so bad to see no answered your item. I think everyone has already left. Emigrate, set up a fund, send the money back and I'll fight the fight.

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Must agree with you guys. The MyRace site must be one of the most pathetically designed interactive websites I have ever encountered. The webdesigner needs his arse kicked, and so does CSA for the way the registrations have been managed this year. CSA has gone backwards on this one, after all the good work Greg Till put in place during his tenure as CSA boss.

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I did 2 applications within 5 - 10 min and no worries. I must be lucky. Big%20smile Last year i only go my license in August, and i received 3 cards at the end. We will see how fast it will arrive this year.

I wish i can redo their site for them. *sigh*
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