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Bicycle Registration : An Appeal


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In the last decade or so the sport of cycling has grown exponentially. In addition, bicycles and cycling equipment have become more sophisticated and inevitably more expensive. This fact has sadly not escaped the criminally minded in our society!


It is clear from recent reports that bicycle theft is on the increase, often under violent conditions. A large part of the problem lies in the fact that bicycle ownership is almost impossible to prove, making the theft and resale, and even exporting, of stolen bicycles safe and lucrative.


If we, as a cycling community, can in some way capture ownership data in one central point, as is done in many countries and major cities around the world, we may well be able to take some confidence out of the market for stolen cycles. Hopefully reducing attacks on cyclists as a result ? and herein lies the main objective!


A Registry that matches bicycle with legal owner in a safe and secure environment is being set up and should be available by mid March 2010. It will allow law enforcement officials, the public and also bicycle distributors to verify ownership of a suspect bicycle when needed. It increases the potential of your stolen bike being recovered [and hopefully the criminal element taken out of society].


The Registry has thus far had a very positive response from Official, Corporate and Public domain.


As administrator I realize that this is a major task, requiring loads of energy and endurance! It will also take time to become an institution amongst us cyclists ? but we have started and with the support of the cycling community at large I have no doubt we shall succeed.


Please visit the National Bicycle Registry site [www.nbrza.co.za] in the next few weeks to check progress. Your support for this initiative will be appreciated by all.


Please Get Registered!

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