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Thule racks


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Im looking at getting a 3 bike Thule carrier whats better the Rideon or the ones that you hang the bikes?

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I have a 3 bike Thule hang on carrier that connects to the tow-bar and I have been happy with it.

The other rideon ones are good however you will probably be paying almost 3x the price.
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I use the hang-on version - 100%


My Brother in law has the stand-with-Thule-smart clamp. Is an awesome piece, but awesome price...


On mine I fit my XL MTB, L Road, M Ladies Bikes,
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If you are going to use often, have a carbon frame, funny shaped bike, then I think that the ride-on is better. I have had mine for about 4 years and no problems - have even added golf clubs onto it when pressed for space.

The only issue I have had is that hte lights don't always work - something that you will only have with the ride-on, but at least you have lights - the hanging covers the lights.

Price is also an issue
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