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Giant Trance X2 Upgrade


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WinkHave a 2009 Gaint trance x2, gone tubeless Maxxis monorails. What can I trickout next to lighten or improve bike. Budget approx. R 10 000.00 Dodger.
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For will be biggest "improvement" in terms of performance. Depending on model you night save a lot of weight as well.


Shock upgrade will ad lots to your ride, but wheelset will cut most weight and effort on climbs
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I have the 2008 Trance X 2 and love the bike.

I am also busy looking at upgrading, I am considering the following:


The bike came standard with LX components (Brakes, Cranks, Gears etc...), it came with Mavic rims and Race Face bars and seat post.


I am considering going XT through out (Cranks, brakes, gears, rims etc..)

I am looking at Easton bars an upgrading my Fox shock to include lockout.

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I also have an '09 Trance X2 and have done the following for well under R8k:


- Wheelset - upgraded to XT M778 (15mm) with Continental Mtn and Speed King UST Tyres and Stans. Kept the old wheels for training and backup.


- Drivetrain - upgraded to XT shifters and M772 shadow R/D


- Brakes - upgraded to XT


- Bars - upgraded to Easton Monkeylite XC low-rise


- Stem - upgrade to Thomson X4


- Seatpost - upgrade to Thomson Elite


Forks and shock work just fine - could possibly go lighter but only for lots of $$$.




I'm not the lightest of riders so a blend of weight savings and increased reliability is key.



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Don't spend extra cash on lock out - that money can be spend better elsewhere.

For robustness go XT hubs, Sapin lazer spokes and Mavic 819 rims - bling it with colour nipples.

XTR shifters are nice, possibly go XT/XTR rear and front derailleurs

Thomson seatposts are the best

Ritchey stem and handlebar


my 10cents
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Thanx guys, looks like u've all got similar mods. I have been offered a ZTR wheelset for R6k, but I wieght 96kg and they have a weight limit, so maybe u're recomm. of XT wheelset is maybe not a light but more durable.

I'll look into the rest. Faanks.
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