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Merida Scultura 905 or Silverback Kansas


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I am keen on going road bike, and would like to hear opinions from Hubbers on my two choices.


Option 1: Merida Scultura 905 full carbon with Ultegra and Alex Road Aero rims, weight approx 8.6 kg.


Option 2: Silverback Kansas full carbon with Ultegra and Ultegra tubeless rims, weight approx. 7.8 kg.


Can get both bikes for more or less the same special price, which I will rather not mention.


So money is not the real option, more the quality of the bike.  


Your valued expertise in this field will be highly appreciated.   
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You mention those bikes weight - maybe go to the shop and actually weigh the bike's weight(same size). results might differ!! 

Quality is fairly good - both bikes.

Also look at the quality of the service at the shop - if they are not from the same shop. Makes a big difference to get good service after the sale!

I would get the Merida as i like that make/brand.
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I have the 2010 Merida Scultura 905 and have done 2600km on it since November. I really must take it in for its first service but I never remember because apart from 2 punctures in that time, nothing has ever gone wrong with it.




I like the quality so much I'm replacing my MTB with a Merida in April when their new stock arrives.

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Thanks for your opinions, Peter and Chris.


The Silverback seems like a good deal, but my mind is set on the Merida, as I ride a Merida MTB with full XT, hence my interest in Ultegra. Only problem is that I will have to wait a month for the Merida, aposed to an immediate delivery for the SB, but I suppose there is a price for all the good things in life!


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