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Torque Wrench Substitute?

David Marshall

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After a long day of screwing in wall pannels with a rechargable AEG screwdriver/drill I wondered how accurate the torque ratchet setting was.  This is a click stop adjustment on mine, just behind the chuck.  Basically this prevents you stripping the screw hole by overtightening the screw.  When I checked it against my small torque wrench I was supprised at how consistent it was (over a 4 to 12 nm range).  This covers most of the "delicate" parts on a carbon bike as well as seatposts, cable anchor bolts and the like.  Food for thought (if you have one).  I haven't been able to check it over the battery charge life so use at your own risk!


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I use one to service my E-flite Blade helicopter. This baby has gazillions of little screws that goes into a plastic body and gazillions of little allen headed capscrews. Nothing has ever stripped and it works verrrry well.

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