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Broken spokes - Causes??


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One of my rear spokes broke during the Argus & have been wondering what could have caused it. It was 30k into the race (at the bottom of the Boyes Drive descent) and don't recall going over any potholes, cats-eyes or bumps. However I do pump my tyres really hard (about 125/130) so am wondering if that could cause the spokes to wear faster than usual??? Had many punctures before I started using higher tyre pressure, hence decision to inflate to 125/130 rather than going for a softer ride.peevee2010-03-16 07:44:12

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I broke numerous spokes for no reason. Took my wheels into LBS and had them completely respoked. The new spokes were 'thicker' than the factory issue spokes. Never had a problem again - best R500 bucks spent

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The most common cause is old age, metal fatigue, the one cause that can speed this up is if the spokes are undertensioned. Just replace all the spokes with new ones and get a decent wheelbuilder to do it like Doug Patterson. Also its a myth that thicker guage spokes are stronger.

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