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Another fricken bike accident


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Speeding bakkie hits cyclist

2010-04-30 10:43



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Wolfram Zwecker, Beeld

Johannesburg - A cyclist has a cracked skull, broken arm and a cracked dorsal vertebra, after he collided head-on with a bakkie on Monday afternoon.

Damian Wasowick, 30, from Edenglen in Edenvale, was cycling with his brothers Waldek and Adrian along the popular Suikerbosrand route when the accident happened.

Waldek said the cracked skull was their main concern.

"If everything goes well, they will start with the first of a series of operations on Friday afternoon," he said on Thursday.

"We went cycling there because it was supposed to be safe. And then came this man, an employee of the reserve who knew of the one-way route, at one hell of a speed in the wrong direction and nearly killed all three of us."


"My bicycle computer showed that we were cycling at 15km/h when the bakkie came speeding along. He brushed past me and hit Damian head-on."

"Due to the enormous impact of the collision, Damian was hurled against the front window, then over the single cabin's roof and into the back," said Waldek.

The driver at first refused to do anything, saying he was waiting for the police.

"Meanwhile my brother lay unconscious and bleeding. I made Adrian sit at the back to check that Damian was breathing and raced to the Suikerbosrand Protea Hotel to get help. There was no first aid kit, and no one who had numbers of emergency services or ambulances."

Damian was later taken by helicopter to the Union Hospital in Alberton.

Consulting lawyer

Waldek consulted a lawyer about their options on Wednesday.

"It was a public one-way road. There are speed limits, we paid to enter, a person would be able to expect that employees would adhere to the rules of the road and that provision would be made for first aid should someone get hurt. And then it happens. Apparently it is the umpteenth accident in the reserve over the past few months."

Police officers were on the scene on Monday evening and were investigating the case, said Captain Thivhulawi Tshilate of the Heidelberg police.

- Beeld

Fruitloop2010-04-30 07:01:50
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