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Rear Shock length


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Could somebody please give me the "eye-to-eye" distance for the rear shock on a Raleigh Marathon LTD (18")dual frame.

I am populating the frame from scratch and have no reference.


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198mm approx, I measured from bolt to bolt.

I presume this is the single pivot frame, not the frame with the shock behind the seat post.

deanbean2010-06-07 07:47:28

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Single pivot frame, Yes


Your measurement is centre-to-centre between the 2 attachment bolts?
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Yes, between 196-198mm using a ruler(trying to eliminate parallax), my vernier is too short, get the closest to 197mm, should be correct.

I see the Raleigh website doesn't have the measurements.

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Got another measurement of 199-200mm which practically confirms your values.

Thanx for your assistance. I've enough info to work with. One should've expected some info on the www, but I guess that's why we have thehub.


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