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Quintana Roo Bike Agent


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Hi Hubbers


I am wondering if any of you guys know who the agent in SA is for Quintana Roo Triathlon Bikes or if there is even one in the country? I have googled it but haven't had much luck.



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Contact Triangle Sports in PE they should be able to assist


Port Elizabeth:

161 Main Rd, Walmer,

Port Elizabeth

(between 10th and 11th Ave)

Tel: +27 (0)41 581 7041

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Guest Anon(yMous)



We found 1 dealers for the South Africa area.

http://www.quintanarootri.com/_images/dealer/w_icon.gif Wetsuit Dealer | http://www.quintanarootri.com/_images/dealer/b_icon.gif Bicycle Dealer | http://www.quintanarootri.com/_images/dealer/a_icon.gif Apparel Dealer

Cecil Baker

PO Box 6047



PH: +27 21 8722819 T/F



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