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Bicycle Portraits Phase II

Bicycle Portraits

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Some updates for Bicycle Portraits...





















Dear Hubbers, we are at it again and need some more love from the community. Our second Kickstarter phase is up and running with only a few days to go untill the 16 SEPTEMBER deadline. We need to get about 130 more book pre-orders. This will make it possible for us to do a higher quantity print run and also spend more quality time on the project.



For $50(R365) you'll get a hard cover coffee table book... this would probably be less than what you'd buy the book for in a shop like exclusive books anyway. So it is not like you are giving to a charity, you are just ordering a book in advance - you are welcome to pledge more though and there is pledges that will get you a large print and also special mentions in the book.


Kickstarter is a pledge for reward social platform that we are using to facilitate the pre-orders and funding for the project.




Read all the interviews and see more photographs on the site www.bicycleportraits.co.za


As we are working on the book we are also doing some video portraits that we are eager to develop more into a documentary. Remember to watch some of the videos on vimeo...


Previous publications about South African culture from Stan Engelbrecht and Day One Publishing - Really worthwhile to check out!





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Wow, pretty amazing.

Pledge made.


How's the pic of the dude with the Ferrari bicycle!! Looks like possibly the real deal, interestingly with Reynolds tubing rather than Columbus tubing

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Thank you so much Guy! Really appreciate your generous pledge and for letting me know you pledged on here, often wonder how much interest there is from thehub. I've seen another one of those Ferrari frames in Johannesburg, quite classic. Would be interesting to know who built those frames for them.


Please spread the word. Only 10 days to go!:)

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To me those pics hit a nerve - they reflect the real life cyclists out there and they look awesome! I hope the project is a success because I want my book!

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