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Podio - Portable Audio


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Riding with some good tunes can really take the monotony out of those long training rides.

Problem is riding with earphones is really not a safe idea as it limits your ability to hear whats going on around you, especially in traffic.


Enter the Podio range of audio players designed specifically for cycling.


Podio is a portable MP3 player with a built-in high quality Foster speaker (produces really good quality sound, not a cheap tinny speaker).

Simply plug it in to your PC's USB port & copy your favorite riding tracks over (hint: Try choose music where the tempo matches your cadence)

Mount it onto your handlebars with the supplied bracket and hit the road.

You can crank it up loud enough for your riding buddies around you - BUT it needs to be used with consideration. Not everyone will enjoy your taste in music.


You'll get 9 hours of playing time on a single charge.


The flagship model - the Luminadio combines a light & MP3 player into one self-contained device (no cables & battery packs to hassle with).

At 100 lumens, the light doesn't come close to matching the output of a Magiclight, but its great as a road cycling or low-speed gravel road light.


The Podio range is available through Magiclight stockists.


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Just like with hooters, whistles and incessant whoop-whooping, one may want to be a tad circumspect in using this device around others...

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I've been riding with my Podio quite a lot lately and it really is a great tool for training & racing (although I take care to drop the volume when near other riders out of courtesy).


I've never been a person to cycle with music cos I absolutely detest earphones, so the Podio for me has opened up a whole new aspect of riding enjoyment.

There's nothing like sitting in traffic and a song comes on the radio that I've been riding to, in my mind I am suddenly back on that same piece of trail, seeing it and feeling it as if I'm there again.

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