The school’s cycling club has been in existence for some 20 years, with many kids from the school over the years participating in the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously called the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour) which goes right past the school.


Every year the school registers some 50 learners for cycling, but the numbers drop to under 20 during the year due to a general shortage of bicycles and kit and lack of funds to attend events. “We’ve had three girls who regularly cycled in the past,” Waggie said. “This year we already have two girls who are interested, and our focus will be getting more girls to be part of cycling.”

The five new bicycles and helmets donated by PPA will be used to prepare learners for the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour, as well as funrides leading up to the Tour. Later in the year, the club hopes to participate in some of the WP junior league events.


“We are thrilled that these bicycles will help to promote cycling within the community,” said PPA chairman Steve Hayward. “We hope that the club will continue to grow and look forward to seeing the Ocean View High School club members at various cycling events, hopefully one day even representing the sport at various levels.”

Members of the public are invited to be part of the project by donating bicycles, bicycle spares and secondhand cycling kit, as well as to assist with a training session from time to time. “We would also appreciate motivational talks to inspire the kids,” Waggie said. For more information, contact Fuad Waggie on or