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  1. https://www.redbull.com/ie-en/best-electric-road-bikes
  2. My only gripe with cable discs are the brake fade. With time your pads wear down and so does the engagement point. You will have to constantly adjust cable tension to have a higher bite point.
  3. No need to carry an extra battery The Polini EP3 motor is one of the least bulky on the market and the battery, which is kept well hidden inside the down tube, is one of the longest lasting on our list and packs a range of nearly 200km.
  4. Does anyone actually buy from their online site? I find all the pop ups most annoying and dont bother.
  5. Its only dead if you racing and seeking podiums. Ride what you want and what you like, not what others like!
  6. I still ride a 26er on occasion. I had a commencal meta sx2 and I am sorry I sold it. That bikes geo was on point with most modern enduro bikes and it was so nimble.
  7. Minnaar from 2:46 We will never see the like of this again https://www.mbr.co.uk/news/red-bull-rampage-retro-381003
  8. https://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Bikes-Then-and-Now-Greg-Minnaar,7553/Greg-Minnaar-at-Red-Bull-Rampage-in-2003,75628/sspomer,2
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