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  1. I lost the handle on my lezyne knockoff of pump at tokai a few weeks ago. It had a pressure gauge, was a good pump. I am also in the market but would like one with a gauge and preferably a silver pump.
  2. I do this almost every day in the spring, summer, autumn months. Never had an issue. I park in a huge parking area, many cars have been broken into, I just park where my car is visible and lots of foot traffic. Which means no shade. When I had a hatchback, I would cover it with a tarp.
  3. I thought it was the oke driving🤪
  4. Yes, there is some compromise to be reached. Fast and comfy downhill, or easy climbing? You can go fast on any bike. Its up to the rider, and the tyres make a huge difference regarding rolling resistance.
  5. We have bike lanes, cars stopping/yielding to bikes is something else. However bike lanes here are over looked with loads of folk electing to ride in the road instead.
  6. I have ridden XC and trail bikes, down dh lines. Lets just say it ended when the xc bike need constant part replacements, wheels etc. Then the trial bike ended, when I snapped the frame in 2. Xc was a ht and the trail bike was dual sus. Still, it can be done, and there is no limit in riding an XC bike on any trail. It is about how comfortable and the amount of fun you want to have. Op, home you many happy miles with whatever you decide on.
  7. This, 120 to 130 travel max. Do not even bother looking at enduro bikes. Find something thats comfortable to sit on with you hands on the bars, geometry varies
  8. hope you have his license plate number. report a hit and run
  9. Came across a scary scene at the entry to quarry this morning after vasbyt at tokai. Rider down in a pool of blood. Apparently he was out cold. There was a doctor in the group that found him. Hope he is ok. Anyone else know anything?
  10. I was hoping to see our Jean-marc Johannes representing at the games.
  11. You get a chinese one thats aluminium and makes use of an allen key. Seen one a long time back. Will see if I can find a link.
  12. Not always, but some gearing is handy
  13. @Jewbacca This is interesting. Coincidently we did similar back in our teens to bmx's. https://bikerumor.com/2021/07/22/olympic-bmx-hopeful-twan-van-gendts-bike-adds-derailleur-to-shift-gears-to-gold/
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