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  1. ja I could have googled that. Point being, only 9 of the world's top30 players bothered to pitch up and play. A gold medal is just meh, not worth the effort for them - i don't see golf staying if this is the case again.
  2. We're ranked below them because we lost matches we should have won. Glad that QdK could back my theories up with evidence!
  3. that's not satire. it's a trojan horse, designed to pull in bike hating car drivers, who want to read about these stupid lycra w@nkers who don't stop at red lights. when they are 3/4 through they realise they have just been fed 10 facts about why bikes are good for the planet.
  4. who even knew shimano had a malaysian factory in the first place? what proportion of it's manufacturing is it even, and are there any products made exclusively? if the answer to those questions is <5% and No , then not much to see here
  5. Mariske had more UCI points. there's no right answer here (except maybe send neither)
  6. okee dokee. we know the new hub rules. NO POLITICS. but let's see if we can actually keep it clean? Play the ball and not the man and it's simple really. rather go be a tjop elsewhere. The title is tongue in cheek misleading, but if it's really not allowed then bye bye thread I accept admin's rules. We have municipal elections in october, and it looks like they're actually going to happen. For the first time I feel that a new political party has the potential to actually gain proper traction without just being a breakaway splinter group. Herman Mashaba's ActionSA seems to
  7. don't people just crowd at the back then? ok i got the email guys you can stop sending it
  8. ok just to humour myself I had a look there. not really explained what the process is for Olympic selection as that is in consultation with SASCOC, but results are there and it was clearly extremely close. Seems Candice doing more local events is maybe what edged it. (At WChamps 2020 they both lost to Cherie). Performance Summary Long List 2021 XCO WOMEN.pdf
  9. but back on topic - here's what happens when the red bus extends from just tourist stops to wine farms
  10. oh looks like Vlad the reporter is onto it if Iqbal Surve is involved it will probably end up in a circus
  11. you sure? looks like he's still checking us out.
  12. olympic selection is always tough when there are two close candidates going for one slot - did we have a policy with selection criteria, (that was then followed) or is it subjective? Candice went to London 2012, we sent no one in 2016. I'd love to be proven wrong, but on current form the top ladies are quite a bit ahead of all of our riders.
  13. wrong handle. @T_Boss is what he was using last year, and was last seen viewing this thread on Friday, but not commenting. I guess he could still logged out and viewing anonymously. @Nick we have potential fraudster here, le hub going to block him as he's still trading? also under this tour he's listed as a BikeHub sponsor
  14. "I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's." Mark Twain are you also concerned about losing your post count?!
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