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  1. so much of the prasa land could include a cycle track alongside the rail. it's the many pinch points that would need work. full scale conversion to zero rail is definitely a pipedream
  2. who? http://results.racetec.co.za/results_by_event.aspx?RID=2019&EN=2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour (109km)&GG=Female&AG=F U15
  3. if we had comments on this one, it would be wild. okes tuning him about buyer's remorse okes saying it's fugly people asking if he could take a kidney rather the full range!
  4. Not really the place for this as it's new management so maybe be a bit more openminded going forward. However I think you'll find a lot of people have had Giant anthems in particular successfully warranteed by dragons in the past.
  5. cyclist with draft cyclist with draught
  6. Sure, obviously Kigame has an ego that needs stroking. You don't put Visit Rwanda on your favourite football team because of the ROI. BUT, this is the first I heard that Africa was allocated a definite hosting slot. Surely the conversation was had to submit a bid? Or was CSA to busy infighting at the time?
  7. I see Morocco also submitted a bid. It was earmarked for Africa. Did we (CSA) not even bother? A week of world class riding in the Winelands would be off the charts
  8. Where do you live? They play in the online space, especially since swallowing CWC. If your local drinking hole is the Masonic Pofadder then it's not knee jerk pricing
  9. great Freudian slip there! I'm against you on ebikes though. I don't own one but see them growing the sport. hating on them is bad for all of us.
  10. i was being VERY sarchastic. it's an obvious marketing gimmick. ever since admin took away comic sans my humour has been underground.
  11. my response to this problem was a little bit leftfield. older sister can stay on her 20" bike for now and let's get something similiar but different for boytjie. now that's an early birthday present and now sister wants a new bike too. I think a kickstand might actually solve the problem
  12. Shebeen


  13. sina frei the only one here with XCO top results in 2021, this will be an interesting year in many ways. dark horses Preen and Rabie...sjoe wonder if they can get in the mix
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