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  1. The Swiss leader spent 7 weeks training on the course before the Olympics was postponed. Dialled it in. 🧀
  2. Skills, strength, skills, coordination, skills. What a beautiful course.
  3. Eish, glad he could get up, somehow without concussion or fractures. “I don’t know what to say, but I’ll be back.” - Mathieu vd Poel (Instagram)
  4. Quarter finals for Bianca Buitendag 💥 Pic: Getty News
  5. What a composed, calculated and cool performance by gold medallist Tom Pidcock. It was a very close contest with the in-form Flueckiger. Serrano's surge in the finalé was impressive. HIs tears at the end, priceless. "“Not real, really. It’s pretty crazy that I became an Olympian and I was trying to tell myself at the start of the race it’s special just to be here." - Tom Pidcock
  6. Another solid outing by AH. He is placed consistently now in the top 10 of what is a very competitive and deep field. Great ambassador for Cannondale and South Africa. Proud. 😇
  7. Japan takes 🥇 in both men’s and women’s street skateboarding: Women’s Olympic skateboarding street podium: 🇯🇵 Nishiya Momiji: 13 years old 🇧🇷 Rayssa Leal: 13 years old 🇯🇵 Nakayama Funa: 16 years old
  8. Could be Australia or midwest USA or 2 kms from the Thames. Glad you're oraait, opening poster. The gods smiled on you, it seems.
  9. Japan's Yuto Horigome is the new king of skateboarding after winning the sport's first Olympic gold medal https:// ti.me/3zAgRPe
  10. Anything is possible. That’s why I love sport. 🤓 📸 @uci_cycling
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