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  1. @NickGM Consider the 3-4 bottle strategy (1 in jersey pocket, one between parking car and disposable in chute) Or, when in need of stopping, it’s worth the while to ask those immediately around the bunch “who wants to pitstop with me… we can work together…”. You won’t be the only one needing to rehydrate.
  2. Just press play - very Souf Effrikan and the aerial pan shots, wow!
  3. After Lachie’s partner, Alex Howes, broke his finger just before the race, a call was made to Kenneth Karaya, one of Kenya’s top MTB racers. Love it. 😍
  4. The mercury will rise into the 30s tomorrow and Thursday, then cooler days with likely rain on Friday, Saturday. The Spez quartet looking formidable with healthy time gaps in both races. Hmmm, early days.
  5. DC prep 130 clicks | 5 hours rollers: Sunday was one the wettest spring rides. Another wet one in Q4 was the DC from a few years ago. Most of the guys were not prepared for rain and fortunately the Mercury never dropped below 12 degrees. It was such an adventure and, fortunately, everyone got home safely without kissing the tarmac.
  6. Sterkte, Bru! Legs up. Eat like a lion. Sleep like a rock.
  7. The concentration superpowers aligned with their handling skills, wow.
  8. If I would reincarnate as a cyclist, I would want to be like the 'monk on a bike' Lachie.
  9. Weary eyes and the effervescent one despite two crashes. 📸 @jeffaylife IG: @mariskestrauss
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