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  1. I don't have a problem forking out for the card, have done it for years. the only thing I ask is to see some visibile security.
  2. OP above advice is good If you lend the money it is your ding, only yours. Regardless of which route you take, just make sure you ride the damn bike alot! If you ride the bike alot and your life, health, mental health and enjoyment improves, then a bit of interest is negligible.
  3. Im 1.68, ride a medium mountain bike and 54cm road bike. All the best!
  4. I use my bikes for commuting so I don't have the luxury of dropping off a wheel an fetching it 2 or 4 days later. So all I do is I call the LBS and ask them on what day can I get same day service and then they will tell me for example next week Thursday and then when the day comes I ride my bike into the shop, go to work and then collect my bike and ride home, no problem. If my bike is inoperable I ride the lesser of the the two bikes (the road bike). I think it is unrealistic and disrespectful to request to jump the que or demand immediate service. Similarly, when I know my bike must be ready for an event, I book it in way before the time. Having said that, when I did have an emergency they sorted me out as well because I am not an impossible customer and I didn't even ask.
  5. Having owned 3 sets of egg beaters and 2 rebuild kits and having taken good care of them I can confirm that they were not worth it in the end for me as a daily commuter. They just don't last. Everytime they gave an issue, I ended up using the old SPD's in the interim (says something). I have been riding Xtrack Race for the last 2 years and having no issue. What I liked about CB was I like the clip in mechanism, just so easy, so quick. It never got full of mud and the brass cleats never got play in (as some experienced). And of course they are light. But if you look at the fact that the SPD's are still working and I have the Xtrack for 2 years without maintenance, without fail, without rebuild, then CB unfortunately loses out. Max Headroom in the previous post highlights some things you can do to extend the life of CB's, but that is alot of effort given there are other options available.
  6. not all cables are the same although they look the same, some USB cables can only charge and not carry data
  7. geez, cranks sliding in the BB and the LBS did pick that up? My LBS, they always ride it so that is a good practice. But I also ride it immediately on collection, at the shop around the block just to pick up anything. But alas, the issues will more likely surface on your first proper ride.
  8. Never use training wheels. A balancing bike is superb. I have 'WE' bike, probably the smallest balancing bike around. All 4 my kids taught themselves to balance in less than a day.
  9. Guys, yes doing itself is ideal, but not everyone is mechanically inclined. So the only thing we need to consider is it a "rip off" my answer is no. I had all those things done and more, but not in one go. So if the bike really needs those things then it is time to pay. Other shops might be cheaper here and there. The benefit of getting a lbs to do it is if you not happy, you can take it back. What I would suggest is do what you can and have your bike regularly checked. Service things as needed. Everything in one go is eina.
  10. I love CB egg beaters, huge fan. Had model 2 and model 3. Love the clip in, never get clogged. But the rebuilds are costly. I'm a daily commuter over table mountain, they just dont last. SHIMANO lasted much longer. I have Look now, so far so good. If CB was could last like SPD I would move back in a sec. In all, I had 3 sets of CB, maintained it, done rebuilds. For a commuter, they just not worth it
  11. Using the spaz ones since 2014, never had a bottle fall out
  12. Most people who started out with a watch for cycling ended up buying an edge
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