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  1. Thanks guys, definitely the 40km next!
  2. Hey guys! So here goes the update! Started the day off not actually eating anything before i got to the Cowhouse. All packed and ready, we arrived there around 07h00. Funny story; when we arrived and got out to offload the bikes, we realised that my cousin's front wheel was completely gone! lucky the guy that pulled up next to us managed to produce it from his boot. Apparently it fell off his bike once we entered the offroad section to get to the parking lot. Phew!! (My cousin suspects his son's were toying with the bike the day before) So we registered and have a small bar to eat. Got in line and off we went at 08h10 for the 20km A group race. We started right at the back of the group to give us our space to cycle freely and at our own pace. The first section was a bit slow due to the traffic, mostly cause by two or three bottlenecks i.e. A small stream/sludge crossing, a incredibly steep incline which everyone walked, and a very narrow drop and incline section. This was exacerbated by the introduction of the next group onto the scene, who were supposed to be 10 minutes behind us, who were flying past us and cutting in wherever possible. Was a bit scary and frustrating at times having guys bulleting past you, within centremetres of your bike, and cut you off or force their way in without saying a word. I guess this is probably the name of the game but still an experience nevertheless. Once we got into our "stride" though, things were much smoother sailing. We started with a long section of single track through grass, then onto some dirt road sections, lots of rocky roads that needed climbing over, some super fast downhills and some foresty sections. All in all was really fun and enjoyable for ourselves. We struggled a bit with the hills and all the bumps in the road but persevered regardless. We stopped about 3 times, for my cuz to get some water from his water bottle (my Camelbak came in very handy). At the very end of it we actually felt ok, not completely tired or even sore. We both completed the 20km's in 1h 34m and that was done at a relatively relaxed pace. Funnily enough, the guys who won the 60km race finished the same time that we had. In summary, it was an amazing experience! Most definitely the first of very many more! Thank you again to everyone for their advice, words of encouragement and support. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Ok, so a quick update on two things: My first cycle: Managed to finally get out on the bike this past Saturday. Armed with only a helmet and gloves, we tackled a cycle circuit in the Waterfall Estate which is apparently 7km long. It is paved though with a few ramps and bridges and we managed to go around just over 3 times. Completed this in just over an hour. I felt relatively ok, was tired but not exhausted. My ass was really sore though lol and so were the bottom part of my palms. I managed to give it a bit of a go the last lap and did it much quicker than the previous laps. Managed to get the hang of the gears and only braked using the rear brakes; which locked up once or twice but nothing major. Going for another cycle tonight in preparation. I know i have not been cycling enough but things have been a bit hectic all round. Will get into it properly as we go along though. On what i managed to get in preparation since: 1. Going with takkies (bought some Adidas crosstrainers to use for gym as well) as i have normal pedals 2. Bought a First Ascent Endurance Bib and Cycling Top 3. Bought a Camelbak Rogue 2l Hydration Pack 4. One spare tube, puncture repair kit, Tyre lever and small pump 5. Gloves as mentioned before 6. Lifebeam Helmet 7. Cycle computer (wireless) 8. Water bottle cage and water bottle (as a back up) 9. Cycling Glasses (as i use contact lenses and hate having dust or dirt in my eyes, makes it very scratchy) It seems as though i went a bit crazy but bought everything with Ebucks and i get 30% off the voucher cost.
  4. Thanks for all the messages guys! The race is happening this Saturday, so will give an update thereafter
  5. Thank you so much to everyone for your responses, advice and support. I have read each message and have given them thought. Will implement as best i can. Will keep everyone posted post-race and will send pics if i can
  6. And another two questions, if you will: 1. What do i eat the morning before the race? (Doing 20km's, which for me is VERY FAR, all things considered) 2. Any other prep i should do prior to the race?
  7. Thanks, hope i don't fall into the deep end Good point about the hydration system, doubles up as storage. And will definitely get the energy stuffs. Thanks for your advise!
  8. They are flat pedals, so will stick to my normal takkie for now. Although, if i do buy clip shoes, would they still work on flat pedals? Regarding the tyre, i don't even know how to change it lol. But doing the tubeless conversation on Saturday, so i should be ok i guess. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi guys, I posted previously in the buyers guide section as i was looking to buy a MTB 2 weeks ago. Was looking for something entry-level as i have not ridden a bike in over 15 years (I'm 28 now). After much research and shopping around, went for a 2017 Titan 29er Ryde, brand new. Bought it a few days ago. As crazy as this sounds, a few of my friends and colleagues are taking part in the Mahala Magic race and convinced me to sign up. This race is taking place next week Saturday! (I know, I know). Would like to know what the absolutely essentials are that i would need to purchase to be race ready and what would the entry-level but good quality starter versions be. I have already bought a hlemet, set of gloves and tubeless tyres (conversation will happen this weekend). A few things i came across as most talked about: 1. Cycling Bibs 2. MTB Shoes 3. Pouch for under the seat 4. Computer 5. Clip in pedals 6. Water bottle holder/ waterbottle Please advise on the above and anything that i am missing. Your help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. L.
  10. Hey guys, thanks all for the comments and advice. Just an update, i bought a brand new 2017 Titan 29er Ryde
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments; just a quick one. Was offered a good deal on the below bike, what are your thoughts? http://www.titanracingbikes.com/29er_mens_ryde.html
  12. I will definitely do so, thank you. What do i look out for though with regards to feel to know that it is the right size for me?
  13. Thanks, i've had a look at the sections and specifically that one. Just was not sure of the brand and what exactly to look out for. Is the Cubixx bike not a good brand?
  14. Also, i have come across this bike for sale. For an absolute beginner, is this ok? http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/fourways/cubixx-29er-large-frame-mountain-bike/1001769811060910202738109
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