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    CPT vs JNB???

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  1. I like the Wellington being in one piece (one serving per person) cause we normally make a big one and when slicing it the hole thing falls apart. The playing is very difficult then. Good job.
  2. Don’t say it’s not yours. Just post and look/sound MOERSE accomplished gooiing a braai like that. It’s social media after all. The truth ain’t nothing like reality.
  3. :clap: :D You guys are on form today!
  4. Did some flame grilling!
  5. Made this bad boy past weekend.
  6. Any suggestions for a braai this weekend? Need new ideas. Please post your last braai pics here.
  7. Bianchisti


    Stats seem to favour Toettie but I think Rassie's year made a lot of people believe again and brought some pride back. If not by results certainly by the way they played - at times and at least in the incoming tour (I think). For me, 2018 had a few patches to get excited about but most of the time the Boks are still poor. 25% of the time they don't pitch up. Another 25% they are fokkol lus to play rugby. 25% average and the rest we can at least smile about. Same old. Same old since Kamp Staaldraad.
  8. Bianchisti


    Some of the mistakes/penalties given away was on the IQ level of Bakkies Botha (I love Oom Bakkies but.....). Excruciating to watch.
  9. Bianchisti


    Forced subs maybe? All the players wear heart rate monitors these days. Their work rate is being tracked live by the coaching staff. The coaches will know how many meters they’ve covered, tackles made, heart beats per minute etc. More importantly the coaches can see when their HR does not return to recovery levels as it should, HR is getting laboured – meaning the player is getting tired. If a tired player misses a tackle it is not his fault. It’s the fault of the coaches who didn’t take him off in time. I would guess with the intensity of a hiveld test some of the player ‘had to be taken out’.
  10. If ya'll can forgive the Weber thingies!! Salt, black pepper, dill and lemon juice/slices. Gives you a very moist and flaky salmon with the cherry wood boards quite flavorful. Couldn't get the skin crispy though.
  11. Is this company like a one man band type operation or it’s owned by some corporate?
  12. Did a pizza night. Super charged for the next one.
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