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  1. Back in the old days people use to mount derailleurs there, they used to have two or more chain rings on their bikes back then.
  2. I have an SQ lab 610 and am very happy with the performance and comfort
  3. Nice bike Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  4. Doubt if that would work for you that looks like a cable kit
  5. Real ouch, I wondered what happened to this golf when i went passed, thanks for the info
  6. I only did the 20km and enjoyed it thoroughly, must say the 3" plus tires makes a huge difference in the sand.
  7. Got myself an SQlab 611 active saddle, best money ever spent
  8. I am running the 2.35 forecaster up front , working out good for me
  9. My Square with its new 29er setup Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  10. Biggest fear is that the wife will sell my cycling stuf for what i said i paid fit when i pass Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  11. You still need to declare all items as there might be duty's payable.
  12. If you declare everything you bring back and pay the import duty's and VAT it is legal, But if you don't declare it is smuggling.
  13. I am not sure that 1.85m tall is in the XL yet I am 1.86m and the L frame titan feels almost stretched with standard stem.
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