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  1. This was the first race I've ever done on my steel gravel (read - commute, lol) bike - and it went sooo well! Everything - the venue, the scenery, the support & the company on the route! TBH was a bit hesitant about signing up for a 100 miles with the bike that I've never ridden on the gravel, really - just commuting from Sea Point to Woodstock through town) - so for me it was supposed to be a go or no go kind of thing. Smart people would've signed up for 50 miles to try it out first probably, I've never been that. It was a painful and rewarding experience. I've got some weird disc brakes on it and drop bars do not really help to break and control it properly (and neither do slick tyres), thus the downhills were really slow, scary and oh they hurt. It might be the case of me not skilled enough for that, too. But on the good side of things, I do think gravel bikes go faster on the flats and climbs, and it's a much more enjoyable experience to realize all your effort goes where it should. Completed in 7:43. The only part of my body that was aching the next day were the hands from being constantly beaten by the bars for over 7 hours, otherwise all surprisingly fine. Looking forward to other gravel events now
  2. Thank you Yeah it's good enough to go from the tar in town and around to the gravel on the mountain e.g. Blockhouse and back. Hard to find friends though that would bear with me on the road (road bikes too fast!) and on the trails (MTB is a different story). But good to just get out there and ride without much thought... A true test will be, Amarider 100miler next weekend. And a good chance to love or hate it!
  3. I am thinking but I'm scared! Never done such a long distance on my G-bike. Maybe there's still time to try... (not from upcountry tho )
  4. Hehe thank you, I do not think anyone could help there really... It would have been the end to the race if that happened like half way through, but not after you're done with 99% of it. This year I had more sense of humour than back in 2017, the hardest part being the last 15 km - mentally, when you're counting down like 15...14...13... okay, 10 is nothing...like another commute to work - and then those sandy rolling hills materialize making your pace soo slow. For me this is the only 100-miler done so far (but quite a few 100+ km rides and races) - I do agree this is special, there's something magic in that Cederberg. So yes - 2019, hoping and training for 8h 30m
  5. Was riding 3 passes with two friends - one on an MTB and the other one on the proper road bike. Thus, my Escapade is faster than the fromer but cannot compete with the latter so I was a good balance between the two of them Steel does give you an interesting feeling - it likes strong legs since it's hard to get it going - but once done, it's the beast which is hard to stop. And on the other days I just commute...
  6. Well... yeah... that angry lady trying to ride the flat was me. Really sorry if I didn't sound very nice to passers by trying to tell me that my rear wheel is flat Was going 2nd until like 99 kms...then 3rd - which is also quite OK for a race like this. On my final 10 km sprint, like 4 kms from the finish line my Crossmark just exploded giving me a shower of cooling sealant, and that cut was unrepairable. Well you don't really wanna run after 157 km ridden, all with your bike and in your cycling shoes - unless you are some weird version of an ironman ...thus, in that stupid state of mind I was hoping I could still ride it - but smth told me to stop killing my bike so ended up hiking up & down which took me 20 minutes longer - and took my podium away Well that happens, and I still shaved off 1 hr from last year's time - knowing the route with its neverending climbs does help. I did enjoy every minute of it though (except for the last 20 ones where I wanted to cry) and will definitely be back next year! Well done to all the hard minds who finished, especially the ladies. There were many more this year!
  7. You need to go on the average of 16 kph (or faster) if you want to fit in 10 hrs - because you have to stop at the water points and if you decide to cramp That was about it, here's my strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/955443878
  8. Hey I wasn't here to scare everyone off! I was very careful with the pace then because I was riding on my own, haven't done that of a long MTB ride in a while - and didn't wanna die in the middle of nowhere Yeah it was 10 hrs I see now, out of the 8 ladies who started (lol) we were the two official finishers. Could for sure do better I guess. https://inthebunch.co.za/2017/04/cederberg-100miler-results/
  9. Riding solo this time....hoping for nice company along the way
  10. Though "never again" was what I said last year, I will do it again this year probably. Hopefully on my new Cotic bike The route is absolutely beautiful, and the race support and catering is really good! Took me around like 10 hours last year (but I can't say I was really fit - and it doesn't really help when you don't know the profile and the terrain - so not sure how hard & where to push) Wanna beat my time by at least 1 hr!
  11. Hi all, I know this has been brought up a couple times before but I'm giving it my own try. Looking for a regular group / club / riding buddie(s) in and around city centre though able to commute to any other meeting point on my own if I don't have to hit N1 / N2. Mostly interested in weekend morning rides around Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch and Tokai starting around Gardens, CBD or early Southern Suburbs as well as weekdays morning coffees. Most of the people I know are either too far away or do not seem to have that level of dedication And it feels sad and unsafe (they say) to ride out there alone, so would be great to know something happening regularly or meeting someone that keen as well. My fitness level is here https://www.strava.com/athletes/3613202 and on racetec / saseeding Normally pushing harder during the week and when there are races so normal weekends are more about longer rides and some fun on the trails. Kate
  12. I guess this is ATC Multisport club - they actually start from Virgin Active Point parking. You can buy a 200 R / per year membership and join them. It's a nice ride for any level, I did it before, just not always aligned with my training plan.
  13. It's my first time there. So do not know what's gonna happen but sounds like a proper endurance event. Staying in Clanwilliam, driving home from Ceres. All those spectacular areas included I guess. Kaleo Manor was hosting Tankwa Trek - such a nice venue. It also has some crazy singletracks several kms before the finish so I wonder if they gonna include that here.
  14. Hi guys, I'm keen, too. Table Mountain / Kirstenbosch / Tokai are favourite areas on week days & week-ends. Can be slower of faster - I'm easy on that. Just sad and unsafe riding out there alone. Bootleggers is a fav place for a coffee stop My work hours are flexible but have to be in the office between 10 and 3, taking my bike with if going to ride. My whatsapp 071 179 9139 Kate
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for just 1.... if there are any? Please
  16. Hi, Sorry that was a busy day. Let's chat sometime tomorrow, will add you in whatsapp
  17. I finished the 2013 one on 26er if that helps me a bit And my partner was riding a 26" hardtail. I was looking at the bike stats from 2013 and, it seems from your words like the suppressing majority of the riders should be getting that kind of damnation here or there, as I'm not sure which part of the "Riding a 29" S-Works" statement you are referring to
  18. You can have both of that now - here's my race number. And I was telling I'm not really that proud of my 2013 results
  19. Hi, Finished the Epic in 2013 and want to do it once more in 2017. I'm a girl, now 33 years old - 177 cm - 63 kgs Riding a 29" S-Works. My partner opted out for his personal / life reasons but I'm still hoping to do that and have already been training hard. In 2013 I was based in another country and didn't have much opportunity for training because of the season and life priorities, so the goal then was just to do that to the finish. Finished 37 out of 64 teams in our category but it was snowy winter in my country and a lot of office work so we didn't really train properly Now I have the experience and much more time & opportunity to train so I'd like to finish in the first half of my category, but really hoping for even better than that. And have a loot of fun as well I'm based in Cape Town and riding about 3 times a week (including at least 1 long ride during the week-end). Doing & planning the weekend races whenever possible as well. I have an international team entry but, if you are from SA, you can pay only the SA amount and even do it in parts - it's more important to be able to train together from time to time and prepare properly. Looking for someone who is as eager as me and who is thinking of success as our only option Kate
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