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  1. Yup - nice sub you have in the boot, good tunes too! I did wave and say hi 😀
  2. Will do. For those that have never ridden Wintervogel :
  3. This was my 10th 99er. Loved! I did the 100km last year on my 26er MTB. Today it was the 29er on some gravel. Next year I hope they have an option that included the scenic Wintervogel road to Kalbaskraal.
  4. Same. Will be my 10th 99er.
  5. Absolutely lovely. Rode it on a hard tail with steel toe safety boots which afforded me the opportunity to ride where other pushed 😉
  6. That was absolutely perfect. My 8th Durbie Dash - not my fastest, still a great day out. Perfectly organised as always.
  7. Aye, this is only my 2nd RaceTec board. Got it at the 2015 Procupine Ridge MTB after my first one got stolen along with my 2014 Giant Revel.
  8. I have done this each year since 2014. The waterpoints I remember are next to the Vissershok/Malanshoogte crossing, another about 1km up Malanshoogte when coming back. I think one at Meerendal and Signal Gun before the final climb.
  9. I find the registration process to be a bit less eco-friendly the past two years. Why should I drive their twice? Not to mention the petrol cost. Thankfully I figured out last year that just entering and starting at the right time will still get you results - just remember your racetec board.
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