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  1. Charity entries are still available. Email cycle@awqafsa.org.za for more information.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys... I have also tried dates on a ride. They are loaded with sugars and nutrients Another buddy of mine, freezes grapes the night before a race and says that they really help him... He once advised me to keep frozen biltong and pretzels loose in jersey and use when needed.. wasnt too keen there
  3. Yesterday I attmpted my second 94.7 Cycle Challenge and tried the weirdest Nutritional Supplement. A friend of mine gave me three boiled baby potatoes and said I should have them instead of Chocs or race food. The funny thing is... It was awesome. What are your thoughts? or weird and wonderful ride nutrition
  4. It was terrible man! I really enjoyed the race and the atmosphere. Had a good strong ride, but the wind killed me
  5. Same. Not even showing as "entered" as well. I have emailed RT my race number, start time, RT Number etc. Called twice as well, and they seem confused. It would seem that we are the only two that haven't received times as all of my buddies have received theirs last night
  6. So I contacted Racetec, who promised to upload results today. I dont care about the timing so much, but need those vitality points
  7. I have not received my result as yet. Have you?
  8. Saw his strava post. Could this be true or was a dummy account/ post?
  9. Can anybody advise if Cradle is seeing crowds on Sunday Mornings as well as safety concerns? I havent been there since Early November 17, and wish to start cycling the area again https://www.plotaroute.com/route/544003 Thanks
  10. What Device are you recording this on? What app did you use to incorporate the information?
  11. I feel great, and know that it was an excellent achievement. Every Single muscle in my body is sore (including those that I never even knew existed). Overall, the race was tough, with lots and lots of climbing, endless cramping and terrible heat.. but was all worth it when I received my medal. I will train and come back a much faster rider next year
  12. So Just an update since my last post, and my cycling adventures. Struggled, but completed my first 94.7 cycle challenge yesterday
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