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  1. 2degrees is pretty good (because they bought Snap) and if you have a 2d phone you get an extra 10 bucks off. 2d also offers wifi calling which means your phone will work like a regular cell anywhere in the world so long as it has wifi, and you won't pay roaming to make or receive calls as if you are right here in NZ. Bloody technology aye.
  2. Personal motto: I do not do business with companies offering bribes to attract customers. Have had bad experiences with Trustpower (long story). Same with Tower, which I initially engaged with on the promise of a free tablet or something. Both long stories ended up with me telling those companies to get stuffed and going elsewhere. Any free stuff, of course, is built into the price...
  3. Work is the curse of the drinking classes. On another note WP, we went to a Honda Kids Moto Camp this last weekend and man, I can heartily, heartily recommend it. Fun for the whole family, kids skills advanced massively, plenty chance for the Mrs and I to cut a few hot laps in between, and being at Lake Rotoiti each day ended with a swim and a few beers. I thought of you guys and how much you'd enjoy being a part of that. Next one is in Taupo over the weekend of 12 Feb...more info here https://www.poweradventures.co.nz/page.asp?id=328
  4. Reckon you caught man flu from me after that video call. I've been so sick the last week it's ridiculous...haven't even been able to get out on my 2 smoker, although I do feel like I have figured jetting out as I've had some time to sit with the manual and YouTube...
  5. Hahaha marketing gimps. Of which I am one...that's the sort of pap I have to write (in this case I did not write that pap).
  6. I'm growing a mullet, too. As it happens I went to a moto track for the first time Sunday past...and loved it. Was always super apprehensive about a moto track, to the extent when I rode past the Awakaponga local one some time back, I actually felt intimidated. Well as it happens, wasn't hectic at all. Jumps were easier than rando jumps on a trail, berms are real rather than something that's been carved into the trail by a succession of loons on motos..yeah man I want some more! The smoker isn't road registerable so I might get a superbike or a dedicated adventure bike. We'll see. But it's worth loading the 250 on a trailer and driving 15 minutes to rip it...
  7. The light weight of the 250 makes things like fast turns/berms, flat track turns, wheelies, thick sand, etc so much easier; I feel like a machine on the 250 (initially I missed the heft of the 450...and the torque/highly predictable power delivery). But after 4 rides on the 2 banger, I did a ride on my 450. It was like a completely different sport, so much more physical on the 450 and it suddenly felt slow. It's sandy where I ride and doing stuff like hard fast turns, powerslides, donuts etc is just way easier. This applies even though the 250 needs tuning, it has a rich bog off quarter throttle so I think there's something up with the pilot jet; I watched every YouTube vid I could on carburetion, but carbs remain mysterious creatures to me (sort of like Your Octopus Teacher, but Your Carb Teacher...or Kreepy Krauly, I dunno) so I have sent it in. What I do know is what when a 2 banger is screaming on the main jet, the power is just A+ exciting. Can't wait to have the jetting sorted because that's going to make dropoffs and jumps far more fun... After that ringing endorsement, who's gonna buy the bushpig 450 hahaha
  8. Only had it for a couple months but my WR450F is for sale if anyone is interested, it's listed on TradeMe or you can get in touch directly. The YZ250X won the day and I can only ride one at a time!
  9. Absolutely HATE this 'effect'! Damned seabirds are the WORST.
  10. Agreed DawieO that was an extraordinarily poor show...
  11. Stunning! The calipers and cranks aren't 7400, but we'll let that slide ;-)
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