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  1. if you guys are looking for an interesting (albeit very expensive) way to totally geek out with a Garmin compatible energy monitoring system, have a look at this... https://www.supersapiens.com/en-EN/
  2. I am a total coffee snob, so be prepared for an outlandish reply. Nespresso sucks. I cannot stand it. We have a Breville Oracle machine at home and have our beans delivered to the house on a subscription service, Now this has ruined ALL coffee for us when we travel, but thankfully suits really well in lockdowns. It has become such a problem, that when we last whent on holiday in easter, we took the machine with us.
  3. Totally support it. From watching the entire world, 1 case can become thousands if people are slow to react. Personally, Id rather have a shorter sharper lockdown then a long drawn out one with people dying.
  4. I sold my Thule to a mate in RSA before leaving. Arrived here and went through two different racks and hated both. Managed to Convince HAyley to bring back my Thule rack in her container when she moved here and bought my rack back from my mate.
  5. It absolutely is a mess. Did you read the story about the bad advice that was given from INZ to some SAFFA dude in Dunedin that ended up costing him his job and income?
  6. I wonder if Costco will have a grocery division?
  7. Yep, Ill organise one for you. Which hotel are you going to? Commodore?
  8. Nothing. When you land, go to one of the many cellphone providers at the airport and simply buy one. There is no serious paperwork as such. Data is ridiculously cheap here compared to RSA. I recommend Spark as I was on Vodafone but struggled with patchy signal.
  9. I was blown away at these vehicles when watching the "Long Way Up" tv show with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. They rode electric Herley's supported with Rivians from southern tip of argentina to LA.
  10. Hi Matt. I appreciate the need to update and modernise. I can also appreciate that its impossible to please everyone. But from my personal perspective, lack of Tapatalk and the obvious intention to remove/eradicate the off topic sections from being part of the standard view are a serious oversight for me. For this reason, I find the site more trouble then its worth, to be honest, and have cancelled my Bike Hub Plus premium membership. Sort of no point supporting a site that clearly does not value the very areas that are important to me. I truly hope you can change your view on the Off Topic section. Where that to happen, I would gladly renew.
  11. Why has the Off Topic section been removed as a default option on the new site?
  12. Any tips for a pinch callous under the big toe? Like this pic...no, these are not my toes (this person needs to cut their toe nails)
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