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  1. I am keen top print a monitor shelf for my home office setup. I can find heaps of brackets and stands, but all of them require some form of wooden shelf to be inserted. (see this for the general idea - Not my file, just sharing for information purposes - all credit to original author) https://www.printables.com/model/56729-honeycomb-monitor-stand/comments Now, This got me wondering about whether it is possible to print the actual shelf using PLA and have it modular? So lets say a shelf that has some form of interconnector puzzle like ends so you can attach two or three shelf pieces together to increase the length and glue them. Would that even be strong enough to hold up a wide monitor?
  2. Also have this running in the printer as we speak https://www.printables.com/model/418962-bikepacking-front-rack
  3. Going on a bit of a bikepacking adventure. Have been exploring combining 3D printing with this. Here is a protype using some old white PLA for a fork mount. (Nalgene bottle for scale)
  4. Great review, I have been watching this thread intensely. I have the Garmin Epix and I love everything about it EXCEPT the HRM. Being heavily tattooed on the forearms, the current generation of Garmin sensors does not read my heart rate properly and I am bound to a chest strap. In my testing (putting it on in the store) the Ultra seems to get a really good read of my Heart Rate. Battery was a concern, but my level of activity matches yours. Maybe 1-2 hours a day with a long run on Sunday maxing out at 3 hours. I am also married to the Apple ecosystem. Iphone, Airpod Pros, Homepods, Mac, Ipad and Apple TV (holy heck, I sound like a fanboy) So I am hoping that the Ultra will pair nicely.
  5. My son is now at an age that I can start teaching him to ride a roadbike. Will keep to empty parking lots for a while but managed to grab this bike from a colleague for NZD1,000 (roughly ZAR10k) It has 40,000km on the clock, but brand new tyres and is well maintained. A couple of dents and scratches. Perfect for a learner bike.
  6. Great milestone. Congrats! EDIT: - The Saffa passport looks like you have rubbed off the front cover. Was that an attempt to remove the RSA and use a sharpie to draw some ferns on it? 😁
  7. Man, the technology has improved so much since I last played with it in the days of a reprap printer. Printed on a Bambu Lab P1S with AMS using Silk PLA Filament by my 13 year old son.
  8. Attention all Aussie Hubbers. I am keen to go to AU (any East Coast City) around late December 2023 into mid-January 2024 for a family getaway. Does anyone want to do a home swap? No money changing hands. You come to use my new 4 beddie in Auckland, I use your place and we have a change of scenery? My ideal (but not fixed) dates are 28 December to 14 January (or thereabouts) We can even swap cars as well to keep the costs nice and low.
  9. Daylight savings always makes my brain hurt. Did anyone else struggle to wake up this morning?
  10. I know it doesnt quite meet your requirements, but happy to do some cool stuff up north!
  11. I chat with him occasionally on Whatsapp and he is always in good spirits.
  12. Wait until they are 14 year old boys that have an insane ability to hoover up twice the food a normal adult will consume and also don't know how to switch off lights when leaving rooms. Bye Bye Money.
  13. Applied for Citizenship 11 January 2021 Approved for Citizenship 30 November 2021 In order to apply for a passport, you must have received the actual certificate which you obtain at a ceremony. Because of Covid, we could not have a in person ceremony, so they couriered our Citizenship certificates to us they arrived 23 December 2021 We applied for Passports on 13 January 2022 and they were issued on the 19th January 2022. So all up, a year! But Covid staffing had an impact on that timeline.
  14. If only the Optical HR sensors improve on tattoo'd skin. I keep having to replace my chest heart rate monitor each year. The HRM pro (yellow one) HR monitor has such poor design that each time you replace the battery, it loses its seals and gets water damaged. I have had 2 warranty replacements already. Its such a known issue that Garmin redesigned the unit with a HRM Pro + (has a white piece on it) that allows for a twist function to access the battery, but its not legal in Australia, NZ as it presents a choking hazard.
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