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  1. Hi Matt. I appreciate the need to update and modernise. I can also appreciate that its impossible to please everyone. But from my personal perspective, lack of Tapatalk and the obvious intention to remove/eradicate the off topic sections from being part of the standard view are a serious oversight for me. For this reason, I find the site more trouble then its worth, to be honest, and have cancelled my Bike Hub Plus premium membership. Sort of no point supporting a site that clearly does not value the very areas that are important to me. I truly hope you can change your view on t
  2. Why has the Off Topic section been removed as a default option on the new site?
  3. Any tips for a pinch callous under the big toe? Like this pic...no, these are not my toes (this person needs to cut their toe nails)
  4. @Jewbacca What a great story. Well done. It was fantastic to read and you have a talent for putting mind over matter as well as writing. Thank you for sharing.
  5. I recently switched from my Nike Zoom Fly 3's to the Saucony Endorphin and if this trail shoe is anywhere near as good as its road cousin, it will be very good. One day, when I am a PROPER runner, I will upgrade to MR P Maxed shoes. In New Zealand, those will be "exotic".
  6. Seems of the 8 runners still taking part, runners 4 through 7 (4 runners in total) are all at 151.4km at a checkpoint in Pilgrims Rest. 42 hours in and around halfway. Our guy is part of this group. I hope everyone continues on....
  7. Peter Purchase has Withdrawn and Ruan back in front. Leading with 25km+ buffer. Our guy just passed 138km! Thats insane....
  8. Peter Purchase has snuck past Ruan. who knew watching dots was so much fun! I am truly mesmerized by the effort.
  9. Got my first organised trail race this weekend. Nothing huge, just a local 16km jaunt around a regional park. Managed to convince the wife and kiddos to do a 6km run/walk as well. The kids were understandably nervous about it so we went for a little route recce hike there last Sunday, here are some photos.
  10. Actually its pretty close to Rotorua. I was on the fence about 2 different events. One in Rotorua and one in Taupo. The Taupo one is taking place in October and the Rotorua one in February. I will likely do both. That part of the country is gorgeous. There is something truly magical about running/biking through the redwoods forest.
  11. I realise its nowhere near as impressive as some of the feats featured by some of you, but I am sort of proud of it. This weekend I took on one of the more technical and hilly trail runs in my area and managed to win the FKT for the run. I have been on a structured running plan overseen by a coach as I get ready for my first ultra in October, so it was good to get some sort of external validation of progress. I am a little less nervous than before.
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